Migrate OneDrive files to Google Drive – A Complete Guide

Many users want to migrate OneDrive to Google Drive; since Google Drive was launched, every user wished to shift their data to google drive. Now that users want to proceed with the task, they are considering the preeminent solution to commence the job efficiently. Everyone knows that OneDrive is a file-hosting service launched by Microsoft. The platform offers 5 GB storage capacity to store all their crucial data. Users can even buy the storage as it also provides a subscription plan.

Most users running their own businesses look for a trustworthy platform to store their data. However, a businessperson cannot trust any random platform as their data is crucial. Thus, users need to Transfer OneDrive files to Google Drive without issue. The following blog will share the complete information about the task.

What are the ways to Migrate OneDrive to Google Drive?

The users who want to proceed with the migration task are looking for a perfect solution to finish the job smoothly. There are two ways to migrate OneDrive to Google Drive, i.e., manually and with a professional third-party tool. Users can select which method to opt for to begin the process. The manual way could be clearer for the users as the process takes a lot of time. Users nowadays want instant results for their tasks, so they want a platform that can effortlessly finish them.

Now that users want to commence the task and want an instant result, they are asked to go with the professional third-party tool. Professionally, the task will take less time to proceed and finish the job. The manual method can only be handled with the technical experts; one with vast technical knowledge can successfully migrate the data. Users are required to go with the professional tool, as all the technical and non-technical users will be able to run the task without any technical knowledge.

Transfer OneDrive files to Google Drive Manually.

The manual method was the only way to commence the task earlier; users relied on this method only. The procedure takes ample time to finish the job; here, we are sharing the steps to commence the task.

Phase 1 – download and upload

  • First, log on to your OneDrive account and then move to the folder users want to transfer.
  • Now, hit the download option, and the procedure to download will begin.
  • Post that, hit Google Drive, and tap on the new option.
  • Now, look for the folder option and tap on that.
  • Post that, hit the download folder option and tap on the upload option.
  • The confirmation message will pop up before you hit the upload option, and the file uploading will begin.

Phase 2 with share option

  • To migrate OneDrive to Google Drive, sign in to OneDrive, choose the folder, and click the share option.
  • You will come across a link, and there, you are supposed to enter the account address and hit the send option.
  • After that, you will get an invitation that states that the folder has been shared with you, and then hit the OK option to open the shared folder quickly.
  • By following the steps, users can migrate OneDrive to Google Drive effortlessly.

What are the limitations of the manual method?

Most users who prefer the manual method sometimes disagree with using this method as it also has many disadvantages. Here, we are sharing a few drawbacks with the users.

  • Users will not be able to migrate the entire data at once as only a few will be migrated at once.
  • With the manual method, users cannot migrate the desired file or data as there is no filter option available.
  • If the procedure is interrupted for any reason, users have to begin the task from scratch, which will take a lot of time.
  • If users want a speedy migration, they will not be able to do it with the manual method, as the task takes too long to finish.

Migrate OneDrive to Google Drive with a professional tool.

Users now know the manual method, so most opt for the professional third-party tool. Professional, the task will be completed successfully and is a time-consuming technique. To begin the task, the Shoviv OneDrive migration tool is one of the finest tools to finish the whole job smoothly. Now, here we are displaying some features of the tool.

  • The software swiftly migrate OneDrive to Google Drive without any glitches.
  • The tool can migrate from OneDrive to OneDrive/ local drive.
  • A filter option allows users to migrate the desired data only.
  • The tool offers a schedule option so that users can schedule the task as per their requirement, and then the utility will automatically migrate the data at the scheduled time.


Most users were searching on the internet for the best solution to migrate OneDrive to Google Drive without misplacing the data. The software we shared above will help the users throughout the task. Therefore, one can trust the cited tool; it also offers a free demo version for the users. So download it and take advantage of the utility.