Bigger and Better Retina Monitors from Samsung and Dell – A Little Something to Excite Mac Users

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is essentially a trade show held yearly to showcase cutting edge tech.  The influence of this highly anticipated tech event garners the attention and even participation of many companies, and even tech giants, as it allows them to promote whatever new and possibly groundbreaking tech products that they have to offer.

While most CES booths provide demos and presentations of new and high-tech devices, it can be said that although they are truly desirable products or technology, many of them are expensive to even incite any real excitement.  In fact, it is rare to even find a product in CES that will excite you because it is cheap.  Usually, cheap is always lesser features and capabilities.

Bigger, crisper, sharper, brighter, and with higher resolution are nothing new in CES’ list of monitor display being showcased every year.  This is because advancements in technology means monitor makers have always something new to show.  What’s new this time though is the participation of Samsung and Dell and that they have announced new monitors in their lineup that are catered for the exquisitely higher end market, particularly professional users.

When it comes to professional users, apparently, many of such professionals happen to be Mac users.  The truth is that many Mac users are not able optimize their system because of expensive Mac monitors.  The price of Apple’s Studio Display is already ridiculously high, the higher end Pro Display XDR is even pricier.  Basically, without the necessary displays, Mac users are unable to maximize the use of their computer.

The entry of Samsung and Dell into the pro-grade monitor market has therefore become a much welcome scene.  Although the pro-grade monitors made by the two tech companies have not been specified for use in Macs specifically, the professional specs of their monitors say otherwise on who they are targeting.  Having such capable alternative means many Mac users can now upgrade to pro-grade displays without the hefty cost.

Samsung’s Viewfinity S9 5k Monitor is primarily aimed at Apple’s Studio Display.  Whereas Dell’s 6k UltraSharp Monitor will rival Apples Pro Display XDR.  Although they are the cheaper alternative to Apple’s pro monitors, they provide the same display quality as their other pricier counterparts.  For many professional Mac users, this year’s CES event has truly been one to be excited about.  While it’s true the displays may still be expensive, the prices are likely nowhere near what Apple has been asking for their pro monitors.  Finally, something we can get excited on that is on the cheaper side.