How to Combine PDFs Through Online Tools?

Combining multiple PDF documents into a single file is a common task for students, professionals and anyone who works with digital documents. With the abundance of online tools available, merging PDFs has never been easier. 

In this article, we’ll discuss what online PDF joiners are, how to use them to combine files, important factors to consider when merging PDFs online and qualities that distinguish legitimate merger applications from questionable ones.

By the end, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to effectively join multiple PDFs with an online PDF combiner tool.

What Are Online PDF Merger Tools?

Online PDF merger tools allow users to combine PDF documents without having to download and install specialized software. These web-based applications provide a simple interface where you can upload multiple PDF files to merge them into a single document. 

Some common features of an online PDF combiner include the ability to rearrange the file order, delete unwanted files, and share merged files via email and social communication apps such as WhatsApp. 

They are conveniently accessible from any device with an internet connection, like a computer, tablet or phone. No software installation is required, making them a practical option for merging files on the go or from a work or public computer where you don’t have administrator privileges. 

Online merger tools handle all the processing remotely on their servers so there is no strain placed on your device’s resources. Once merged, you can download the new combined PDF or save it directly to a cloud service like Dropbox.

How to Combine PDFs using Online PDF Joiners?

The basic process for merging PDFs online is straightforward:

  1. Go to the website of your chosen PDF joiner tool. Many allow you to try them for free without signing up for an account.
  2. Click the “Select Files” button to locate the PDFs you want to combine on your local device. You can select multiple files depending on the tool you choose. 
  3. Arrange the PDF pages in your preferred order using drag and drop functionality. You can also delete any PDFs you don’t need.
  4. Hit the “Merge” or “Combine” button to start the merging process. The new single PDF will be generated and available for download.
  5. Save the merged PDF file to your computer or a cloud service for access on any device.

And that’s it! Your PDFs are now combined into a single document through a simple and quick online process.

Things to Consider Before Merging PDF Files Online

While online PDF merger tools provide an easy way to combine documents, there are some important factors you’ll want to consider before using one:

Security and Privacy

Ensure the site uses HTTPS and takes security and privacy seriously. Review the tool’s privacy policy to understand how your data is collected, stored and used. Avoid free tools that don’t clearly disclose their data practices. Your PDFs may contain sensitive work or personal information, so choose a reputable service you trust.

File Size Limits  

Most online merger tools impose limits on the maximum size of merged files, often around 100MB. Consider the total file size if you need to combine several large PDF documents. Some tools may reduce quality or charge fees for larger files. Have a backup plan if your merged file exceeds the limit.

Output Quality

Merging multiple PDFs can potentially reduce image and text quality due to file compression. Check if the tool provides options to balance file size versus quality, such as different compression levels. Test the output quality before relying on a tool for important documents.

File Type Support

Not all merger services can handle every PDF type or condition. Verify the tool you choose is compatible with your specific file formats, such as scanned PDFs, forms, or those with embedded images or fonts. Test with sample files if unsure.

Watermarks and Security

Determine if you need features like adding watermarks to the merged PDF or protecting it with a password. These capabilities are not universal across all online merger services. 

Access and Storage

Find out if you can access merged files again later or if they expire after a period. Some tools only allow downloads without cloud storage options. Consider your long-term access and storage needs.

Taking the time on the front-end to evaluate these types of considerations can help ensure a smooth merging process and avoid potential issues with your combined PDF down the road.

Qualities of Authentic Online PDF Merger Tools

With the abundance of online PDF joiner options, it’s important to verify a tool’s legitimacy before trusting it with your documents. Authentic merger services generally share the following qualities:


Legitimate tools will be well established, with many reviews and recommendations from trusted sources. Be wary of unknown brands.


They clearly state ownership and location, with real company details. Terms and policies are easy to find. 


Merge PDF files quickly with accurate page ordering and no quality loss, even for large/complex PDFs. 


Robust set of options like customizing output, deleting/rearranging specific PDFs, and adding headers/footers. 


Free basic use with reasonable paid tiers for business or high volume use. No hidden fees.


Dedicated contact options like phone, email, or live chat in case of issues. 

Stick to tools from reputable brands that are transparent and prioritize security, performance and user experience. Avoid services with unclear ownership, poor reviews or that only seem focused on getting payment details. An authentic merger will make the process simple and stress-free.


With the so many online tools available, joining multiple PDF documents has never been that easier. However, it’s important to choose a legitimate and trustworthy service to merge sensitive files. This article has provided an overview of how online PDF merger tools work, the basic process for combining files through a web interface, and key factors to evaluate when selecting a tool. 

Whether you need to merge documents for school, work or personal projects, taking the time to understand an online service’s capabilities and limitations can ensure a smooth workflow. Authentic merger applications will prioritize security, performance and user experience over questionable data practices or hidden fees. With the right tool, you can quickly and conveniently combine multiple PDFs from any device with an internet connection.

By keeping the discussed considerations and qualities in mind, you can now confidently evaluate options and find a reliable online solution for all your PDF merging needs. With the right merger service, joining multiple files into a single PDF is simple, secure and stress-free.