How Does Thunderbird Import Emails from Eudora Mail? – Expert Solution

Eudora Mail is one of the popular email clients manage by Qualcomm and it is  used by many business industries. But Qualcomm stopped their commercial version, and technical support and started sponsoring a new open-source version on Mozilla Thunderbird. This becomes the main reason for Eudora Mail users to switch to another email client. Many Eudora users switch to Thunderbird email client which is free and open-source. However, many Eudora Mail user want their previous email in a new Email client.  In this blog, we discuss this user query “Does Thunderbird import emails from Eudora mail ”.

Thunderbird is very popular email client developed and supported by Mozilla. It has a very interactive and simple user interface which makes it unique form another email client. It uses MBOX file format to store their email in their mailbox. Which you can handle with the Thunderbird Converter

Reasons to Migrate Eudora Emails to Thunderbird

There are many technical and personal reasons to move from Eudora to Mozilla Thunderbird:-

  • One of the main reasons is that Qualcomm has stopped its technical support whereas Thunderbird is supported by Mozilla which provides very technical support.
  • Thunderbird is considered to be more secure than Eudora because it provides a spam filter that uses advanced algorithms to protect users from spam and any type of phishing attack.
  • Thunderbird offers many advanced features and different export options which are missing in Eudora Mail.

How Does Thunderbird Import Emails from Eudora Mail with Master Tool

Eudora Mail uses MBX ( which is a modified MBOX ) format for their mailbox to store the emails and it is not supported by any other email client.  So, we can use a third-party automated tool which is considered a reliable and user-friendly tool. Here, we use SysTools MBOX Converter. It is a trusted tool which is used by the professionals.

Steps to use this Tool 

  • Download and install this tool.
  • Tap on the Add Folder > Popup is open Choose MBOX from “Select Email Application” > Choose “Select the file/folder from file system” from radio buttons > click on Next to move forward. 
  • Navigate to Opera mailbox and click the proceed button to open the file into the tool.
  •  Select the desired email  > go to the export button.
  • Select the EML from the export options > Give the destination path and you can go to the adv. setting in which you have name convection options and advance date range filter select if you want. 
  • Now, Hit the export button.

After that, you can get the EML files which can easily be imported into Thunderbird. By this simple method, you can learn how does Thunderbird import emails from Eudora Mail.

Features of this tool

  • This tool supports MBX, MBS, and MBOX for conversions.
  • It provides multiple export options like MBOX to PST, HTML, MSG, and many more.
  • Handle Bulk files with no file size limit efficiently.
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows versions.

How to Migrate Eudora Emails to Thunderbird Manually

In this method, we see the popular approach which is use Thunderbird free add-ons to import the Eudora mailbox to Thunderbird. But, this method has its own shortcomings. Let’s check does Thunderbird import emails from Eudora mail with this method. In this, add the add-ons in Thunderbird and import them into it. 

Steps to follow this method 

To add-ons in Thunderbird

  • Go to the Tools from the menu bar(If not visible click Alt).
  • Choose Themes and add-ons > Search for “ImportExportTools NG”.
  • Click in the add button > restart the Thunderbird these add-ons in add you to Thunderbird to Tools 

Import in Thunderbird

  • Right-click on the inbox and choose ImportExportTools NG. 
  • Now, Choose Import MBOX file > select Individual MBOX file.
  • A pop-up is open, select the desired MBOX file > Hit the Open button.

Limitations of this Method

  • This is a popular method but this add-on is not working on some versions.
  • If the file size is very large then the file is not imported in Thunderbird or may is lose data data.


As we discussed, what is the reason behind the user query “Does Thunderbird import emails from Eudora Mail”. We are both types of method professionals and manual method. The use of tools makes this task very easy and fast. Many users preferred the manual approach but it has its own drawbacks. So, it is better to go with an expert method for migrate Eudora emails to Thunderbird which make our complete in few clicks