Differences between Arduino Nano, Micro Leonardo and Mega – a quick overview

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform that is widely used for prototyping and building interactive projects. There are several different types of Arduino boards available, including the Arduino Nano, Arduino Micro, and Arduino Leonardo. Each of these boards has its own unique features and capabilities, making them well-suited for different types of projects. Arduino Nano … Read more →

Welcome to this new series… a journey into building a home cockpit for Flight Simulator

Feature image: Piper Comanche PA24 from A2A Simulations This series is a slight bit outside of the usual scope of TechPatio, but nevertheless, it’s technology related, it comes around electronics (such as Arduino) and gaming (Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020). The target audience for this series is small. It’s a niche. There’s not that many home … Read more →

Should you try Arduino or not?

Arduino is a powerful and versatile platform for building electronics and programming projects. It has been around for over a decade and has become increasingly popular among hobbyists, students, and professionals alike. If you have never tried working with Arduino, here are some compelling reasons why you should consider it. Easy to learn: Arduino is … Read more →