National Cryptocurrencies 101

Every beginning trader prefers to invest in top 5 – 10 cryptocurrencies. The more globally widespread a currency is, the higher its liquidity and the lower its volatility. Nevertheless, there are quite a few altcoins whose target audience is deliberately limited. These are cryptocurrencies with regional branding created to solve specific local tasks. Even now … Read more →

Cryptojacking – Extreme Lengths People Have Gone to…

You’ve probably already heard of various cryptocurrency exchanges & wallets being hacked, user funds being stolen and so on. However, have you ever heard of crypto jacking? Well, it’s time you do. It’s a term only recently coined implying the stealing of computational power to mine cryptocurrencies. What happens is, the user visits an infected … Read more →

How governments are reacting to the rise of cryptocurrencies

The rapid rise and growth of cryptocurrencies in 2017 has prompted governments around the world to take a closer look at cryptocurrencies as well as the blockchain technology which provides the backend for this revolutionary form of digital currency. Governments across the world have certain rules and regulations put in place to control transactions occurring … Read more →