TechPatio now blogs about Cryptocurrency – also open for guest authors

Blockchain and cryptocurrency has become more and more mainstream in recent years and we can also feel the interest is rising. Therefor we have decided to create a new category here on TechPatio, called Cryptocurrency. In this new category we will blog about crypto related things, including blockchain, Bitcoin, altcoins etc.

Guest authors are of course also welcome to submit an article to our new Cryptocurrency section. Please find our general guest post requirements here, and do get in touch for further details, if you would like to submit an article.

Please note that there’s a lot of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) concerning cryptocurrencies at the moment, especially coming from opponents of cryptocurrency. A lot of fake news is also being produced to either scare people away from crypto or to drop the prices so they can buy in cheap and make money when the prices go up again in, in addition to so called pump & dump schemes. TechPatio does not wish to participate in any form of FUD, fake news and pump & dump schemes.

Crypto, and blockchain in particular, has huge potential – let’s see what the future brings!

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