5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Introducing New Technology for Your Business

Everyone loves new technology. People will happily spend all of their hard earned money on a new iPhone or wait in line until midnight for the latest gaming system. Since technology is an integral part of business, it makes sense that you’d want new tech for work just as much as you’d want new tech in your home. It seems great on the surface, but introducing new technology isn’t something you’ll want to do on a whim. Are you sure this is the right idea?

1. Does it Actually Solve a Need?

You just got new tablets last year, and they’re working great. Would upgrading to tablets with different features make things easier, or would it just look cool? If you’re rolling around in a wild surplus of cash, you’re probably not worried about whether or not new tech will solve a need. It’s good to upgrade older tech when you have the extra cash, but investing in new tech that’s not very useful isn’t a wise way to spend money. New tech is more than just a gadget – it’s a process.

2. Will Your Employees Know How to Use It?

Upgrading to an innovated version of something your employees already use won’t be that big of a deal. Incorporating entirely new tech, especially if you’ve never used anything similar, is a huge deal. If you’ve never used smartwatches before and you’re looking to integrate them to improve coordination and communication, you can’t expect that your employees will already be familiar with them. This can present a unique set of challenges.

3. Is There Going to Be an Adjustment Period?

If you’re introducing something unlike technology you’ve used in the past or technology that has vast innovations above a previous similar technology, your employees will need time to become acquainted. You might need to hold special training sessions to teach everyone how to use the new technology while gradually phasing out the old technology. This process takes time and money, and it might cost you a little bit of productivity.

4. How Are You Going to Pay For It?

If you get excited about new tech, you probably start looking at making purchases the second you have a little bit of cash flow. Is the new tech really that important? Should you be investing in other areas of your business first, and handling the tech upgrades once everything else is taken care of? Do you have enough extra money stashed away for an emergency, like a data disaster? New tech is helpful, but it’s not worth going bankrupt over.

5. What’s the Longevity?

If you just upgraded your tech last year, it probably doesn’t need to be upgraded again. If you’re going to need to upgrade again in another year, you’re going to wind up spending a fortune. Before you invest in new technology, figure out how long it’s going to last you. Typically, business computers will last anywhere from 4 to 6 years, where things like smartphones have a much shorter lifespan. It might be worth waiting a little longer and paying a little extra for a piece of technology that won’t become obsolete or worn down prematurely.

New tech is great if it has a purpose and it’s feasible to implement. Before you get all excited looking at the latest releases, make sure you have a proper plan.

Guest article written by: Sarah Davies is a careers experts and a business blogger, helping both individuals and businesses reach their full potential. Currently, Sarah is writing on behalf of Open Colleges, and enjoys working with people entering the workforce. Feel free to reach out to her on @sarah_davies_au.

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