How to Fix Nvidia Geforce Overlay Not Working

Within the GeForce experience, Nvidia Overlay is a helpful feature that may be used for broadcasting, capturing screen photos, watching frame rate displays, and recording screens or videos. This is a good part of the software, but occasionally there are problems with specific Nvidia overlays that need to be fixed, which we will cover today. … Read more →

Why is Ethernet not working anymore?

If you are unable to connect to the internet via Ethernet connection, you must troubleshoot the problem. When you access the Network & Sharing Center, one will notice that the Ethernet network is not recognized by the PC. However, if you attempt to connect to the internet while connected via Wi-Fi using the same link, … Read more →

Best way to updated and fix driver issue on Windows

The device driver for Windows 10 is indeed a set of files containing instructions that enable the system to connect with dedicated hardware like a graphics card, network adapter, storage drive,) and accessories such as mouse, keyboards, printers, displays, and so on. Usually, drivers are installed automatically via the created driver library & Windows Update. … Read more →