iPhone X

4 Ways the iPhone X is the Most Intuitive Phone Yet

January 3, 2018

In 2007, the Apple iPhone revolutionized the way that people used phones. By 2016, 2.1 billion people owned smartphones. The introduction of the iPhone changed societal in a revolutionary way. In 2017, Apple once again tried to imprint on the smartphone market. It introduced its latest and most expensive iPhone ever. Is this new device […]

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7 shocking iPhone X features to facilitate your small business

December 13, 2017

You might think that the new iPhone is more something that a customer would use than something that would be useful for small businesses. You could be forgiven for thinking that. After all, most of the adverts out there are of individuals using the device rather than businesses. At the same time, you’d be wrong. […]

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9 Game Changing Features With The New iPhone X

November 9, 2017

When iPhone X is available in the market, one thing is for sure; it is one of the most revolutionary and futuristic smartphones on the market. Despite its steep price, it promises to bring in a host of awesome features. Here are some of them. 1. Face ID What a way to get rid of […]

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12 Ways the iPhone X Beats the iPhone 7

October 2, 2017

The iPhone X came with a huge bang and many people are interested to know the features the new gadget has added. Definitely, this is a new revolution in the iPhone family that has helped make the phone better in various ways. If you are looking to know how it is different from iPhone 7, […]

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