Top 10 Things You Should Not Share on Social Networks

by Klaus on August 3, 2009

in Social Media

Top Secret fileHowStuffWorks published an article on the top 10 things you should not share on social networks, which I strongly encourage all social network users to read. The article covers those 10 things below, that they recommend you never share on a social network site:

  1. Anything You Don’t Want Shared
  2. Password Hints
  3. Your Password
  4. Personal Finance Information
  5. Your Address and Phone Number
  6. Photos of Your Kids
  7. Company Information
  8. Linking Sites
  9. Social Plans
  10. Personal Conversations

Are you sharing any of the above mentioned things on any of your social network profiles? I’m “proud” to say that I’m not, and things I do share, I make every effort possible to make sure that only the right people will have access to it. 

Your Address and Phone Number

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