[Funny & True] How smartphone users see other smartphone users – iPhone vs Android vs BlackBerry

by Klaus on November 18, 2010

in Fun, Mobiles

Ever seen a Mac vs PC discussion thread online? Or iPhone vs Android? Or Nikon vs Canon? You get the idea. Some people just don’t see what else is in the world and will – no matter the cost – defend their own choice of product over any of the competition. What many people seem to forget is that their choice of product might not be the best choice for everybody else…

So, when I found this very cool image, made by C-Section Comics, I just had to show it to you all! It’s how we as iPhone users see Android and BlackBerry users. How Android users see iPhone and BlackBerry users and then, of course, also how BlackBerry users see iPhone and Android users.

What do you think? I think it’s pretty straight on – as Homer Simpson would have said, “it’s funny cause it’s true!”.

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