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by Guest Author on January 18, 2011

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LED TV is different from LCD TV, both are types of TV, but are not in competition with each other. In a layman’s way of explaining it, LED TV is the son of LCD TV, as the latter is considered the basis of its development. Many people think that LED TV is a new technology; well, it is not, it is just another way to light the LCD. By the way what does LED stands for? It means, Light Emitting Diode. How about LCD? It simply means liquid crystal display. LCD in a more detailed explanation is a glass that functions to regulate the capacity of its pixels, by diversifying the electrical signal.

Difference between LED and LCD TV

What is the fundamental difference between an LED TV and an LCD TV? It is just the source of light that passes through the pixels. Another aspect that differentiates the two from each other is in the light they are using. LCD TV use fluorescent lights to back light a television. To be definite, the exact name of the light used by LCD TV is a Cold-Cathode Flourescent Lamp (CCFL). This is often used by several people in lighting their homes. LCD in general, produces a clear image on a TV screen.

Recently, it was discovered that although LCD projected a seemingly black color on a TV screen, such a display is not a genuine black at all. Technology experts realized that producing a real black picture by way of an LCD is quite difficult.

Here is a simple explanation of why LCD TV cannot produce an authentic black image. In creating a black color image, it is necessary to block the source of light during the process of projection; with LCD, the light is going on continuously.  One of the noticeable distinction between a LCD TV and a LED TV is its thickness. Although LCD is known for its slim appearance, LED TV surpassed that reputation. In other words, LED TV is much thinner than LCD TV.

LED TV has attributes that are absent in its predecessor. For instance, if there is an area of the screen that is dark, the contrast will increase automatically; this phase is recognized as local dimming. LCD cannot perform this by itself.

The company that brought LED TV into the public, one that strongly promotes it, is no other than the well established, it’s Samsung. To simplify the information, an LED TV is an LCD TV with an additional technology. One of the features that can make LED TV stand tall in the market is its energy consumption, it consumes less electricity, and it is good for the environment and saves a person from spending a lot in electricity.

Another thing that makes LED TV unique is its versatility. The said screen will not only be used as a TV but as a computer screen as well. Meaning a person can play the favorite games stored in the computer, view live streaming images from the internet, watch movies online or view a favorite website. It has a dual purpose, a TV and at the same time can be used as a computer monitor.

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