4 Reasons to Use Commercial Antivirus over Free Antivirus

by Guest Author on November 15, 2011

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Antivirus vendors today faced a very tight competition when there are more than 20 well-known vendors out there competing with each other. Each of them produced a very quality product where at times, it gives the consumer a big headache when it comes to selection.

Situation got worse when most of the antivirus vendors start to adopt the trend of releasing free version of their antivirus software. The trend of releasing free products had lead most of the consumers to try out most of the free antivirus before they actually seriously look into the commercial one.

I am not trying to say a free antivirus is not reliable but if a user is really concerned about his computer security, these are the reasons why you should filter off the free antivirus and focus into selecting among the commercial antivirus.

  1. Features of the product. One thing we are sure is free antivirus doesn’t bundled with lots of useful features. It usually comes with just basic scanning, cleaning and probably real-time protection to give you a better security. If you happen to need features like safe-browsing, parental control or sandboxing which are pretty popular in today’s commercial antivirus, you need to start all over again to shop for your security software. You should always put in your mind that free antivirus is there just for you to test the look and feel of the product. If you really like it, you should consider upgrading it to a commercial one or even upgrade to an internet security suite.
  2. Advertisement. Of course a free antivirus comes with advertisement. The reason most antivirus vendors today are giving free products so that you will be able to try out the product. As a result, advertisement is everywhere when you navigate around those free products so that the vendors will be able to lure you into upgrading or purchase the commercial one.
  3. False malware detection. People used to have the perception where free antivirus does not have a good malware detection rate. However, that is not entirely true. Free antivirus is as good as any commercial antivirus when it comes to malware detection. They only make a difference when it comes to measuring the false detection wherein the latest false detection test from AV Comparative, most of the free antivirus performed badly. Based on this test, we can conclude that free antivirus might have a good malware detection rate, but not differentiating whether those detected threats are malware.
  4. Support. One thing I really don’t like about free stuff is the lack of support. It is true since we are not paying anything and there is no reason for them to support further. Unlike the commercial antivirus, they don’t only provide email support. Some even provide up to 24×7 phone support. If you are using free antivirus, you need to run into community forums if you are infected with some sophisticated malware infection. This will take a lot of time and the worst thing is they might not even solve your problem.

Do you use a free antivirus or you are more comfortable with a commercial antivirus? Let us know what do you think?

Guest article written by: Alan Tay is the author who runs IT Security Column, a IT Security blog where he mostly writes about computer security tips and security software reviews.

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