Apple presents iPad 2 & iOS 4.3 — Yeah, I’m getting one!

by Klaus on March 2, 2011

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To some surprise, Steve Jobs himself took the stage during his medical leave of absence, as he “didn’t want to miss it”, as he said, since they had been working on the product (iPad 2) for awhile.

Before the iPad 2 presentation, Steve Jobs explained how 100 million books were downloaded so far from iBooks and that Random House will bring over 17,000 more books to the iBooks store.

He also revealed that Apple has recently shipped their 100 millionth iPhone. Not bad.

As for iPad 1, 15 million iPad’s sold during the 9 months it was available in 2010. That brings it up to a market share of over 90%. There are currently over 65,000 iPad apps in Apple’s App Store – and some 100 apps for Android’s Honeycomb, Steve showed on stage. Ouch!

iPad 2

The new iPad 2 is lighter and thinner. It’s even thinner than iPhone 4, coming in at 8.8mm thick compared to 13.4mm of iPad 1 (and 9.3mm iPhone 4). Weight is reduced from 1.5 pounds to 1.3 pounds.

Hardware is upgraded to dual-core A5 CPU, 2x faster and 9x faster graphics. It will use the same low power as A4 CPU so battery usage remains the same, 10 hours and 30 days of standby. There’s no HDMI-out port but you can buy a cable from Apple ($39) that will give you full 1080p video-out using HDMI and it even works with all apps. As expected, iPad 2 is equipped with a gyroscope as known from iPhone and iPod Touch.

Videos cameras. Of course, this was expected. Front and rear video cameras for FaceTime, Photo Booth etc.

Other than that, it looks more or less like the old version. iPad 2 ships in two colors, black and white, from day 1. Pricing is also the same as iPad 1.

Steve also showed off a new iPad case which is actually not a case, but more a cover. It looks pretty cool on pictures. There’s no screws etc., it attaches using magnets. When you start folding it off, iPad automatically unlocks – and locks again as you “flap it back” onto the front of iPad.

You can get a hold of iPad 2 in the US starting March 11th and adding 26 more countries on March 25th.

iOS 4.3

To wrap things up, iOS 4.3 was also announced at the iPad event.

Faster Safari (Nitro JavaScript engine), iTunes home sharing, AirPlay improvements, Preference for iPad switch (mute/rotation), Personal Hotspot (iPhone 4 only).

Photos and live coverage courtesy of Engadget.

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