Nokia in battle with Apple over patent of nano-SIM standard

by Guest Author on April 17, 2012

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Nokia, one of the biggest manufacturers of mobile devices in the world, is about to go into battle with one of its biggest rivals – Apple – over the patent rights to a smaller version of the traditional SIM card, which has been called nano-SIM. Nokia developed its version of the nano-SIM in collaboration with two other companies – Motorola and Research in Motion, and these three companies have united to take on Apple, which has separately produced its own variant on the smaller SIM card. The fight between the companies over the right to claim their version as the definitive nano-SIM will now be taken to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, which will have the job of determining which version of the card hits the marketplace.

With so much at stake, the companies involved in the dispute are saying little prior to the decision by ETSI, which is expected to be made at the end of the month. Originally a decision on which of the nano-SIM card prototypes would be given patent approval was expected towards the end of last year: however he did not elaborate on the reasons for the delay. Thus far, Motorola has acknowledged that it is collaborating with Nokia and RIM, but these two companies and Apple have declined to make any public comment.

There is a considerable amount at stake for both Nokia and Apple, as they continue to battle for the position of leading worldwide smartphone company – a position which Apple claimed from Nokia last year, and Nokia would likely consider victory in this battle to be the beginning of the process of putting Nokia phones back on top. The new nano-SIM card is set to be 30 percent smaller than micro-SIMS and 60 percent smaller than traditional ones. It is also around 15 percent thinner.

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