Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s Home Button IP Dispute

On 13 September 2021, Apple both won (and partly lost) a patent infringement lawsuit started by Firstface in 2018. This article will look at the details of the popular case from last year… Firstface, established in 2006, is a certified Recruitment and Executive Search Company who launched an IP dispute in 2018 with multinational technology … Read more →

Will In-Car Ads Be the New Auto Redirect Ads?

 Source: Pexels Ads are growing more and more sophisticated. If nothing tells us this, it’s the news that Ford filed a patent that would show its car users ads in their infotainment systems relating to billboards that they just drove past. Could this in-car ad be a real-life form of an auto redirect ad? Billboard … Read more →

Walmart’s Patent Application Hints at its Cashier-less Store

Walmart’s obsession with shopping carts can be seen clearly as the company filed yet another patent application to make a monopoly on these shopping carts. Further, the patent application shows another new feature that Walmart wants to embed in its smart shopping cart to make the customer experience better.  Walmart’s strategy for quite sometimes is … Read more →

New Patent Search Technology to Aid Inventors

Good news for inventors—doing a patent search just got much easier. Thanks to computer scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, innovators can make sure their idea is actually new and original, prior to navigating the complex patent process. Here is a look at the features of this new software, how it will help you … Read more →