How to Find your Lost Android Phone: Android Lost App

by Guest Author on June 27, 2013

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Phone theft is not a new problem that troubles the users, it has been in existence from pretty long time now. Android Phone thefts are also increasing day by day. But there are many ways you could find your lost Android Phone, or Android phone that thefts took away from you, and we will discuss about the most suitable way in this post.


Android Lost is a recently and a very efficient app which ensure you the most secure enviornment for your Android smartphone, which every Android user seeks in a potential Anti-Theft App. The app is called as Android Lost.

About the App:

Yes, as the name says, the company claims that this app can help you find your lost Android Phone. Coming to the interface, which is pretty good and fluid. And also the interface is pretty easy to operate, so you need not see a tutorial on how to use this app, you can simply start to use it with no problem. The app has many features that are really efficient and effective in finding your lost Android Device.


Setting up the App:

As usual the app is available on the Google Play store, and you have to install the app from there, or from the Market, if you’re using an older Android version. As the app gets installed, you need to run the app and register into it. Now you need to tap on “Request Administrator Rights” to allow said rights to the app. Now you need to sign up and set up your device in the app. Now visiting the which is the main platform to perform all the necessary actions on this device. And logging in with your Gmail account that is synced to your Android Phone, would allow the app to fetch data to the website simply. And after that you will get a notification saying that your device is from getting lost. And after this you will be able to use the available features on the website.

Features and Functions:

This app has a hell lot of features that are really amazing. There is a alarm function by which you could set up your device on alarm from the website itself, and it will and you could find it in case you misplaced it in your messy room. The device would vibrate and alarm and also you will be able to see the location of your device on your computer screen using the website. You will also have control on your device, you could do many things to your phone using the website tools such as enabling and disabling features like GPS, Wi-Fi, making the phone on Vibrate mode or Sound Mode. You also have the power to flash messages on the screen, use the cameras to click the pictures for you even if you don’t have the access to your phone, the website will do it for you. You could also record sounds, and the app will fetch all the sounds and data to the website right away. Apart from them it also provides many features.

So by having a remote access and control on your Android device you could find the location of your phone, do many things on your phone, which will definitely help you to find the location of your phone, and hunt down the thefts. The app is really amazing, but the most good thing about the app is that the most of the features that it offers are made available for free. So in a nutshell, this app is going to make thefts more difficult when it comes to Android phones.

Guest article written by: Umpreet, at 17 being an Android Enthusiast loves to write about Android and related article, and performing Android Tweaks. Read what is Android Rooting on his new blog that he is currently working on, Root My Android

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