7 Things You Needed to Know About Sawzall

by Klaus on August 9, 2017

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Sawzall is the trademark name that the Milwaukee Electric Tool Company has for its reciprocating saw. Such saws are used for construction and demolition. This type of saw is called so because it works in two motions, pushing away and pulling towards, and it is this motion that causes it to work.

1. Sawzall is a name that the Milwaukee Electric Tool Company specifically has for its reciprocating saw tool.

It has been so common that reciprocating saws are often referred as Sawzall even when they have not been manufactured by the Milwaukee Electric Tool Company. This also has to do with the fact that the company has been an industry leader for almost a century (since 1924) producing the most quality and innovative tools.

Best Sawzall comes with different functions and uses. It can be used on wood, plastic,metal and nails. You don’t need to apply too much pressure when using this handheld tool,which makes it excellent for use by beginners.

The Sawzall usually includes orbital action which is useful for giving wood a rough finish. This method also cuts wood faster than usual.

2. The saw comes either as a kit called the Sawzall Reciprocating Saw Kit or just the saw by
The saw kit comes with a handy carrying case for the saw. It is quite heavy for a handheld tool weighing 7.1 pounds with a length of 19 inches.

You get a 5 year warranty on the saw which is a testament to its durability and quality. The kit is large enough to hold a few extra blades if need be. To help operate the saw, it comes with wiring instructions, operating manuals and service parts list.

To help protect your blades you can alternate between using different sections of the blade by adjusting the shoe.

3. The Sawzall has different main parts which can be replaced.

The main parts include the blade, a set of screws that hold the blade in place, the brushes, the on and off switch, the switch lock, the cord strain reliever and electric chord, the rocker shoe and the handle.

It is worth noting, however, that the saw comes with a very detailed list of parts and these are just the main parts. You might find this a bit too detailed if you are not a professional.

4. The Sawzall has a broad array of uses and functions.

a. Demolition is made easy with the Sawzall. You can get rid of windows and doors, plumbing, and walls. Use a fine-tooth blade for metal and nails, and toothless blades for cutting through ceramic and stone. Wood is best cut with a coarse blade or the orbital function if you really need to cut through quickly.

b. You can also use the Sawzall for cutting trees and unruly tree branches.

5. You might need some additional tools to finish the job alongside a Sawzall.

a. Eye protection is an important aspect of home DIY when using the reciprocating saw. You might need a full face shield in some special cases.

b. Hand gloves are important too.

c. Get a suitable blade for the material you are trying to cut through or the specific task at hand (see point 4 above).

6. The name of the saw comes from the reciprocating motion it uses to cut through materials.

The motor of the saw is responsible for this action. The blade is pushed back and forth by the motor. This action may be produced through a combination of ways such as a Scotch type or swash plate. A swash plate is favored because it reduces the vibration felt by the user of the tool.

7. The last thing you need to know about a Reciprocating saw is that it is an extremely powerful handheld tool and the proper safety and precautionary measures must be observed. Don’t touch the blade immediately after a cut as it might be hot and burn you. Remember to unplug the saw when you need to change the blades or any other accessory. Always remember to wear safety glasses and gloves as has already been mentioned.

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James Steven August 14, 2017 at 10:25

Wow, I’m impressed by your collection of tools! Sawzall is a name that the Milwaukee reciprocating saw. Yes, the Milwaukee is awesome. You will greatly appreciate it, especially for doing detailed cuts!


Bracel Aurther June 23, 2018 at 07:44

Lovely article sharing. Sawzall is a style that the Milwaukee reciprocating saw. It is better cutting performance and durable. Yes, the Milwaukee is incredible. You will much enjoy it, especially for doing nice cuts!



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