Hybrid Mobile App Development – Top Advantages That You Can Enjoy

by Emily on March 10, 2017

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With the rapid expansion of mobile apps, the mobile app industry is emerging in all lookouts like platforms, technologies, devices, network models, features, etc. There are lots of businesses, who are finding it difficult to cop-up with all these emerging technologies.

Talking about the mobile app development, businesses can choose from three different perspectives – Native mobile app, web application, and hybrid mobile application. If you are not aware of these three types of mobile apps, you can read about them below:

  • Native Mobile App: Generally, this type of mobile app integrates with only one mobile operating system like Android only app, iOS-only app, etc.
  • Web App: These types of apps are mainly developed in HTML5 and these are like a mobile app.
  • Hybrid Mobile App: While the hybrid application is the merger of the both native and web types apps.

As we all know that the foremost approach of any business is to reach to the end users. By opting for a hybrid mobile app for your business’s mobile app development, you can get help in delivering the products and services across all the major platforms. And it is the most versatile in nature, so hybrid mobile app development is highly recommended by top mobile app developers.

An Introduction to Hybrid Mobile Application

A hybrid mobile application is the combination of multiple techniques and technologies. These types of apps are like any other apps that you will find on your phone. It leverages both the mobile web app and native mobile app technologies.

A hybrid app is a cross-platform app that supports multiple platforms. It also delivers a varied approach for your business to serve a maximum number of customers. By opting for hybrid mobile app development, you can get a lot of advantages for your business.

Below are some of the main advantages of hybrid mobile app development and how it will help you to drive customers:

App Integration

Talking about the benefit of hybrid mobile app, it uses the internal programming system of the mobile device through a wrapper or overlay, which aids the hybrid mobile app in syncing with other inbuilt apps like GPS, camera, messaging or any other feature. It also helps your business to deliver an excellent service to your consumers.

Offline Working

The best part of the hybrid apps is that they can also work offline due to their native infrastructure. Though offline, data can note be updated, but users are still able to load the application and access earlier loaded data, unlike web applications.
Whether data captured through forms, surveys or any other way, the created data can be easily stored on the device and sent to servers once the user connects to the Internet.

User Experience

The main benefit of opting for hybrid mobile applications is that they are known for providing consistent user experience across multiple browsers and platforms. A website will easily disappear with slight differences on multiple browsers, and it is also like the mobile application.

It is important to deliver consistent user-experience to the consumer when switching from one platform to another so that you can have a long-term business relationship with your consumers. This type of mobile app enables your consumers to experience the abilities and functionalities of their mobile device.

In addition to this, it delivers a standard UX design to all its users across multiple platforms. It also helps in updating the mobile application, and a single update will fix the problems entirely on all platforms along with delivering a better user experience to the customers.


Hybrid mobile applications are a lot simpler to maintain. It is necessary for developers to choose the right framework for the app development. Some of the majority used app development frameworks are Ionic, KendoUI, Jquery, etc.

Choosing the right app development framework will help you and your business in maintaining the quality of products and services being delivered to the consumers. It also delivers easy maintenance and upgrades.

Easy Scaling

Hybrid mobile apps are cross-platform apps and they are mainly developed and designed to work with different platforms and operating systems. As compared to native and mobile web apps, hybrid apps are much easier to scale and develop.

Another major reason behind this easy scaling is that the framework and technology used to develop hybrid mobile app are also compatible with varied platforms and mobile operating systems.

Apart from this, you can reuse the code for varied platforms and the developers do not need to rebuild the app from the scratch. It allows users to take benefits of all the features and functionalities of the mobile app across all mobile operating systems like android, iOS, Windows, and more.

More Resources

Hybrid mobile app development makes use of web technology that makes the utilization of app content easier. The costs and resources that required developing hybrid app are easily accessible by any business.

There is no need to spend huge time and money for the development of a hybrid mobile apps. As the cost of the web technologies obtainable for developing a hybrid mobile app is comparatively lower than that of native applications.

So, these are the top advantages of hybrid mobile application development that you can get once you opt for it. If you have decided to get one hybrid mobile app for your business, you can get in touch with a leading mobile app development company that has an experienced team of mobile app developers to comprehend your requirements.

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Antoine Aarts December 6, 2017 at 13:16

Hey Buddy,

Great Post!!!

Hybrid applications are simple in terms of their maintenance. I agree with you that tools and technology that is used to develop hybrid application is advance and even save time, moreover is cost effective. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of information with us and keep sharing!!!!!



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