Content Marketer – To be or not to be?

by Guest Author on June 1, 2018

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Let’s start with the question; what exactly is marketing and why do we even do it? It has so much value in the outer world of entrepreneurship, businesses and whatnot but why?

Marketing is a procedure to share one’s own concept with the whole world in a way that people begin wanting it too. They don’t go pondering over the questions of needs and wants, in case of good marketing, because the heart literally wants what it wants. So yes, obviously, marketing has a lot of value. It is what adds or reduces the value of a product in question for the customer. Marketing comes up as result of four coordinating elements. The 4 P’s (processes) of marketing are the;

  1. Product
    It involves the assortment and development of a product as per the customer’s demand.
  2. Price
    Once you have developed a good product you need to decide it’s price. You have to think of its market value as well as the one that’d attract your targeted audience.
  3. Place
    Decide a proper channel to connect to your customers. One of the best mediums to market your product is the internet. Digital marketing is the thang!
  4. Promotion
    Yes, everything is done but did you think of a promotional strategy? Whatever way of marketing you choose – you need to come up with a strategy. No need to throw money in a pit – strategize!

Digital Marketing is basically an umbrella term used to indicate all sorts of online marketing. Digital Media Marketing is an umbrella term to cover it all in one breath, lol. Imagine if we had to name each way of online marketing just how asthmatic-ally extended it’d all get, no? The main purpose of this form is to reach out to all the potential consumers and customers online.

There are 9 different types of Digital Marketing;

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Pay Per Click
  3. Public Relations
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Viral Marketing
  8. Influencer Marketing
  9. Online/Website Marketing

Now you might really want me to explain each one of those in detail but really I am more interested in talking about content marketing today. Why? Because many people do not understand its value, purpose or usage these days. For most people, content marketing is just content writing with a higher price value. Well, surprise, it takes a lot more than being a content writer.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a mixture of SEO, PPC, PR, and Affiliate marketing as well as Influencer marketing, if you ask me. It is quite a challenge for those who can’t write, yes. You need to know your grammar and punctuation fully well if you want to be taken seriously in this field.

While SEO and PPC focus on increasing traffic via search engines, PR focuses on business exposure, Affiliate marketing tries to do so via sales and leads and Influencer marketing increases targeted exposure – content marketing demands all of them in one go. It increases a brand on search engines, sales and leads as well as exposure. Seth Godin expressed his view about it as;

“Content Marketing is all the Marketing that’s left.”

If I remember perfectly then a website also described content marketing to be all the best parts of marketing wrapped together into a huge cuddle. It is true.


  • It gives one liberty to brand their product with words to reach millions
  • It lets a writer be a writer! You have a fun idea to cater your audience? Do it. For instance, have you check out shmoop lately? It talks about literary pieces in the best possible way to reach the young minds and has gained popularity over the years because of its wit and sarcasm.
  • It can push your business under the limelight in no time.

Words have power and a good content can reach many hearts. All you need to make sure is that you’re honest and open about it. Do you follow some really rad blogs? Maybe travelogues? They are just like that. You can make your own website for it or you can market your content on literally any social site; be it twitter, facebook, google or youtube. The best bet is, yes, that content you put on your website. You can buy a domain name, host and all the essentials to kick start your own website (by yourself) from $27.53 – $68.83 a year. Pretty reasonable, huh?

You can write on-site blogs to promote your brand, guest posts to submit to different sites and be recognized as an author with your website’s link in your bio, make infographs that are relatable to your niche and attract audience or write articles to submit to various sites as indirect promotional content for your brand. The possibilities are limitless. Being a content marketer takes a lot of dedication, determination and will to get things done to keep you going because the results don’t start coming within a day or two. It takes time but once it starts coming – you can rekt the world!

However, if you tend to procrastinate and just quit – this job isn’t for you. You would be doing more than one type of marketing in this single position and unless you’re up for a challenge – go home and sleep, homie!

Guest article written by: Nathan John works as content editor at uverse bundle and contributes in various online communities and writes for trend and technology.

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