The expertise of The Print Bar Melbourne has contributed to the popularity of graphic T-shirts

by Emily on December 17, 2018

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Making a statement with some customised message printed on Tees is the trend today.  A huge industry kept producing customised and printed T-shirts to meet some specific needs like celebrating some occasion or event, spreading messages like save the planet, for PETA campaigns or making mission and vision statements. The Print Bar Melbourne is a leading T-shirt printing company that creates attractive and eye-catching printed T-shirts that help people make themselves heard. Printed tees have caught the fancy of people cutting across ages and gender, and the popularity of the product is growing rapidly. What can be better than being able to express yourself in the way you want by wearing a printed T-shirt?

Technology has always played a major role in textile decoration. Fabric printing is a very old technology that uses dyes to create colourful fabrics. The machines used for printing textile are different from the conventional printing machines in that it uses special technology for enabling the use of dyes in paste form instead of printing inks. Fabric printing has contributed heavily to the evolution of fashion by setting new trends in styling and design that is evident from the high popularity of printed T-shirts.

Make the right noises

Consumer choices have influenced the fashion industry which in turn has resulted in developing new technologies that have given a big impetus to customised fabric printing, especially T-shirts.  The messages carried on T-shirts enjoy the patronage of users who first get convinced about it and then come forward to spread the message.  The #MeToo movement that has taken the world by storm has gained tremendous mileage from the use of the message on T-shirts. While some messages display the firm commitment of wearers to spread the message fast another kind of messages that attract people are the ones created by companies that want to make commercial gains from it. Even if you want to beat your drum, printed T-shirts are the best choice to make the right noises.

The technology of T-shirt printing

Printing T-shirts is different from traditional fabric printing in that the design and style are dictated by the needs of specific consumers and not market driven.  The following are the different prints that consumers prefer.

  • Plastisol print – This type of print is most widely used for printing garment and clothing especially for screen printing of T-shirts by using Plastisol ink. All types of garments and fabrics are suitable for the printing which is the most widely used method based on the technology of screen printing.
  • Puff prints – You must have seen some prints in which the ink settles in a thick layer (1/8”) that gives a raised feeling of the printed area. This is particularly popular for use in kids wear and T-shirts for kids.
  • Foil prints – Stunning and appealing designs printed on T-shirts that dazzle brightly under light is the result of using foil prints that place a foil on the fabric.

For creating a moist and wet appearance of the printed surface, the norm is to use gel ink that results in Gel prints.

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