5 Reasons Why Having a Career in Tech is Awesome

Technology is undeniably a thriving industry that is mainly focused on continuous advancements and innovation. For many individuals these days, the tech industry opens up a world of wonderful possibilities and amazing opportunities for one’s growth and success.

Currently, the tech industry is one of the fastest-growing fields in many countries, making it a great idea to start searching for a job in this category. If you are considering a career in tech companies, then you must be aware of the fact that it could potentially become your dream job as you spend more time working for a tech-related company. Below are the reasons why having a career in tech can be awesome:

1. The World of Tech is always Hiring

The world of tech industry is constantly booming, so tech jobs are in high demand. In fact, according to the biennial update of employment projections from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment in all computer-related jobs is expected to increase by 13% through the year 2026. This means that around 557,100+ new job positions will be created in the next coming years.

These days, tech companies and other companies (such as those in retail, transportation, and healthcare) are increasingly becoming more reliant on technology to do business, even if the services or products they offer are not tech related. Just like tech companies, traditional companies including banks, financial institutions, and retailers are also in need of employees that possess tech skills in various areas ranging from data analytics, software development, advertising and marketing solutions, cyber security to technical and customer support.

2. You Get to Learn New Skills

It is pretty common knowledge that on some traditional jobs, people get to work on the same old tasks day in and day out to the point that it becomes difficult for them to evolve and learn new skills. The saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” applies to this one. However, when it comes to having a career in a tech company, the learning experience can become incredibly vast as the possibilities are endless. Typically, there are chances arising to tackle other projects on the side; for example, if your main job is programming, then you may wish to learn more about marketing. Possessing a diverse skill set potentially allows you to be more proficient and more useful at your tech workplace.

3. Meritocracy dominates in the Tech World

In several traditional work environments, most especially the land-based office jobs, seniority (or age) is always deemed to be far more superior than merit. In general, tech companies prefer creating their own office rulebook rather than following the already-established ones from traditional corporations. For instance, to guarantee that the promotion is based on one’s merit, giant tech companies like Google and Pinterest follow a system in which a worker’s eligibility for a promotion depends primarily on peer approval instead of a manager’s decision.

4. You get to Enjoy Unique, Culture-Oriented Perks

Of course, all workplaces tend to have tangible perks for its employees. It is common for tech companies to provide free meals, on-site espresso, offer massages, paid volunteer time, implement casual dress codes, and sponsor company retreats. While these are the most common and still considered as seriously awesome perks for employees, a tech company that truly cares about culture actually goes beyond these perks – their main goal is to always make the workplace an overall good environment for all employees. These days, most tech companies consider employee happiness a high priority more often unlike any other industry. Other than the above usual perks, many of today’s tech companies that deeply value their employees may also offer flexible work schedules, remote work programs, generous parental leaves, child care benefits, tuition reimbursements, and some would even allow employees to bring their pets in to the workplace.

5. High Optimism and Boundless Opportunities

Last but not least, the boundless opportunities appearing as technological innovations and its related products continue to evolve at a fast pace can truly make people at the tech industry feel a high level of optimism. The reason for those who usually join the tech world is that they strongly believe they could make a notable difference and significantly change for the better how people live their daily lives. You would definitely want to have co-workers who are passionate about their tech jobs as being around them all day can make you to feel optimistic too, and this will allow you to push yourself and perform much better at whatever you do.

7 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Having a Career in Tech is Awesome”

  1. Hi Klaus,
    In this post you have well explained the benefits of having a career in the Tech industry. In this digital era, there are lots of career options available in the Tech industry.

  2. This is a great posts and Yeah I am agree with you that tech industry is one of the fastest-growing fields in many countries, making it a great idea to start searching for a job in this category.

  3. There are informal growth opportunities that include attending lectures, seminars and webinars, and joining professional associations. Some employers may offer tuition assistance and/or paid time off to pursue learning opportunities.

  4. Thumbs up for this enlightening post. One more thing to point out, because meritocracy dominated the tech world, the entry barrier is as good as vanished once you have the skillset to deliver. This makes it a great choice for career starter.

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