Gaming Peripherals for the Ultimate Game Lover!

The gaming accessories guide on how to gear up to become a pro gamer and build your own prime game setup to have a top-notch gaming experience.

With social media culture getting recognition and gaining popularity by the minute, gaming set a name for it and became the most loved social sport in the world. From arcade lovers to gamers who enjoy gaming at the pleasure of playing from homes, gaming has had a major influence on the media culture since the 80’s with the gaming industry raking in over $100 billion in 2017 alone.

The onset of Internet paved the way for the invention of unimaginable things and the gaming industry extended its social capabilities by introducing a multitude of gaming options such as online gaming, multiplayer facility, mobile gaming (online/offline) and video gaming.

Commending the ongoing craze of gaming that is prevalent all around the world; it is clear that the trend that has been instilled in the hearts of gamers is not going to die down for a long time. With many scampering about to get their hands on ace gaming peripherals to enrich their gaming experience, for some, it might be confusing as to how they can opt for the right gaming peripheral with the exact features they desire.

If you are a gamer looking to understand how to choose a gaming peripheral, we have described standard gaming peripherals and the various features they should have to make sure you have the best gaming experience ever.

1. Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is primarily modelled for computer gaming and laptop gaming. A gaming mouse is specially designed for more hardcore work and ferocious programming, structured as a unit that comes complete with buttons and controls, with functions more rigorous and different than that of the conventional mouse. For most parts, a gaming mouse performs better than a standard mouse, making it a real winner for passionate gamers.

Real-time strategy games like Dota, Fortnite and PUBG require gaming mice with ergonomic quality owing to its massive gameplay times, faster response rate and its tolerance towards high sensitivity.

Features of a gaming mouse:

  • Polling rate support – A gaming mouse that has high polling rate although may not be noticeable but with modern hardware support, polling rates up to 2000Hz USB will reduce screen lag and increase reaction time.
  • Ergonomic design – Gamers with right-handed grip types need an ergonomically designed mouse: optimal for playing FPS games like Counter Strike.
  • ROG armoury interface – Intuitive software where one can program buttons, create profiles and customize colours, change performance settings, alter lighting effects and modify surface calibration.
  • Buttons – Most gaming mice have separate left and right buttons. The better versions have specially engineered and programmable ‘slide-to-press’ buttons.
  • Socket – An elite socket with simple switch upgrades is essential to elevate movement.

If you are looking for a mouse that comes complete with high resolution or customization flexibility then ASUS provides a range of premium gaming mice with a variety of selection options such as mouse interface, DPI switch and adaptive ergonomics, exclusively available at Amazon.

2. Gaming Keyboard

A gaming keyboard is a compact assistive peripheral, specially structured only for gaming and uniquely crafted to provide a class-apart experience for gamers. Although a gaming keyboard comprises of lesser keys than a standard keyboard, the ergonomic composition of a gaming keyboard elicits a faster response and reduces frequent gaming key press hassles.

Gaming keyboards enthral a gamer giving a lifelike experience of the virtual world, with modern age keyboards adding macro keys and are designed with glow-in-the-dark keys for an ace game time.

Features of a gaming keyboard:

  • Keys – It is vital to opt for the right type of keys you want to partake in along with to enrich your game setup. Mechanical keys are for quick-time gaming, requiring limited force and delivering faster response time. Whereas, Membrane keys demand a little higher force and deliver mellower response but are extremely popular among gamers looking to have an easier game time.
  • Smart Keyboard -There’s not much technology cannot do and with gaming having become one of the biggest sources in the entertainment industry, numerous smart keyboards are being introduced. Multiple smart keyboards are available in the market with built-in LCD track panels, mini maps, hotkeys, multi-touch displays and app integration for multitasking.
  • Backlight – A backlight defines the back colour of the keys in the gaming keyboard which consists of mechanical switches that operate on the basis of colours. The coloured categories define a number of categories such as weight activation and feedback level.

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3. Gaming Headset

A gaming headset is typically a headphone with a built-in microphone specially designed for gaming. A high quality surround sound system enriches your virtual experience and makes game time so much more fun undoubtedly. Having an incredible gaming headset is essential for a full-blown game time where the gamer can clearly hear the game’s character voices, background music and has dialogue exchange made clearer among team players.

Features of a gaming headset:

  • Microphone – A microphone is crucial for gamers to converse with fellow gamers and team players. Owning a headset that has a built-in microphone eliminates the need to buy a separate headset and provides the ultimate immersive audio feel.
  • Surround sound – Every headset requires exceptional sound clarity and clear resonance for easy game playing. Premium game headsets can support up to True 7.1 surround sound and are available where you can pack in brilliant hardware and software solutions like USB and sound controls for each channel that are protected by neodymium magnets.

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