How to Find the Best Software Testing Company?

by Emily on March 2, 2018

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According to the statistics, the IT companies will be increasing their testing budget from 26% to 40% in upcoming years. This increase is because of the importance and necessity of delivering the best quality software in the market to bypass competitors and retaining customers’ loyalty. However, the job of finding a good software testing company is difficult. There is a shortage of well versed and skilled quality assurance testing companies that can live up to your expectations and prove your suitable collaboration model for testing project. This article shares the top tips to find the best software testing company.

Define a clear collaboration model

Software testing is not a onetime process because even if you have a single product, there will be version iterations of your product. Thus, the software testing is an ongoing project. You need to collaborate with a software company that can work in harmony with your team and organization to deliver expected outcomes in record time. Thus, before approaching testing company, outline a collaboration model for the long term. If you think, you are not ready to go for a long term collaboration model, then outline clear requirement and expected results from the software testing company. This will help in speeding up discussions once you start finding the best company for your project.

Look references and testimonials

It is important to look at the past work and success stories of the company to assure you are hiring the best software tester that has already proven itself. You can ask to provide some references of the clients with contact details so you can talk and cross check with them. You can also see the testimonials of the software testing company received from happy clients. This will give an idea of a company’s professionalism and expertise.

Look around in the digital world

It is good to spend some time researching about the company online at different websites that talk about the company. You can see unbiased reviews about the company that will give an idea about how the company operates and what is the reputation of the company. It is always good to outsource your quality assurance work for the company that has strong and positive online reputation. Please be liberal to overlook some negative reviews as nobody can please everyone.

Ask about the complete proposal

It is always good to get a professional proposal from the company that has details of everything. The proposal must share scope of work as well as what is not part of the work. The proposal will give a hint of their professionalism, work etiquettes as well as business standards. The proposal will also make things and cost transparent that will save you from any shocks coming your way later.

These are the top things you can do while hunting for the top QA companies. These steps will help you to find a good company that will work with you for years in the process of business growth and quality software delivery.

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Vikas Sharma March 3, 2018 at 06:04

This is really helpful article sir,,,,
Sir, how can I find IT companies in my city?
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