Is a Real-Time Communications Option Right for Your Business?

by Emily on January 23, 2018

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Technology ensures every business remains on toes. Innovation changes how people see the world and how they view their business. For companies, there’s not enough time to think whether or not to change – that’s obsolete. What’s important is to keep moving with the advancements taking place, to stay afloat in the volatile market. For any firm, effective communication is crucial. Any wrong message and everything comes down. External or internal, communication is essential if your business is to survive, and with technological advancement currently in place, real-time is the mainstream as it allows users to exchange information instantly.

Real-Time Communication Empowers Businesses

If you’ve ever thought that real-time communication only necessitates conversation in the traditional sense, then your thoughts are far from the truth. Real-time communication has helped empowered businesses in different ways, be it a large-scale or small-scale business. It has facilitated operations within an organization, improved productivity, enabled quick decision-making, and provided higher mobility.

Real-time communication does not only involve the passing of information but facilitates one-on-one conversation. For instance, using Plivo enables instant transmission of messages where the information source and the recipient are present at a particular time.

Increases Efficiency

According to a report by Atlassian, thirty-one hours are usually wasted in meetings that are unproductive, with most employees spending 62 meetings every month. The solution to this would be real-time communication such as messaging and Skype. These techniques assist employees in staying connected with each other and eliminating or minimizing the number of pointless meetings.

Irrespective of whether it’s a review session or a workshop, real-time communication saves time for the employees, making it possible for them to use their hours in other productive matters of the business.

Improves Customer Service

Regardless of whether you are in the service or product industry, customer service is essential to any business. There is no excuse for poor customer service. And, with the various platforms for real-time communication, particularly the social media, there is a twist – customers tend to praise and complain.

Real-time communication enables the managers to deal with those who are directly involved with customers and inquire about reports or any other actions, especially from the field executives.

One significant benefits of real-time communication in businesses can be seen in Live Chats. Using this platform, customer representatives can communicate directly with their clients, take immediate action, and provide quick solutions, all in real time. That way, the customer can be grateful towards the business for having responded promptly. This is the primary reason real-time communication is a part of various businesses today.

So, is real-time communication the right option for businesses? Of course yes! Companies, whether small or large, need to understand that this kind of communication creates an environment of trust between the business and customers. Additionally, real-time communication improves productivity and helps save recourses and time. The advancements in technology make it more sophisticated, enabling businesses to make quicker and better decisions. It is therefore essential to consider real-time communication if you are planning to enhance the efficiency of your business.

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