Effective Content Delivery Network to Reach a Global Audience

by Emily on January 23, 2018

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We all enjoy surfing through internet and trying to access websites that are work related or ecommerce related; but have we ever given a thought behind the way it reaches us? Well, if we don’t get the desired speed we switch off or look for the next best option or alternative. CDN or Content Delivery Network is a global system of distributed networks or servers that serve this very purpose. It aims at delivering web pages, web content to the user at a faster speed.

What is CDN?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network that helps to ease the mode of web content reaching the end user. It is the most effective of ensuring that content delivery of websites with high traffic, globally, reaches the audience seamlessly. The closer the Content Delivery Network is to the home website, faster is the delivery time.

What is JodiHost?

JodiHost is a highly renowned CDN reseller that offers the fastest and the most secure way of delivering website content, globally. It partners with Verizon Digital Media Services, a global network of thousands of servers, to help websites reach their targeted audience flawlessly and with full security. Their clients are offered world class services through Verizon content delivery platform powered by EdgeCast CDN giving them the best advantage of controlling their content in the best way possible.

What are few of different services provided by JodiHost?

Caching: Caching or storing data is a hardware or software component, which helps accessing the already stored data faster for future reference or use, with less downtime. JodiHost provides an optimal and accelerated static content cached on their CDNs or servers using HTTP caching. This helps the data to travel faster between where the content is stored to the Point-of-Presence (POP) closest to the user. All future requests can be met effectively and more efficiently by POP once it has been cached. It offers high speed, decreased costs and high customer satisfaction.

Application Delivery: Besides repeated reference to static content, there are a lot of dynamic content that a user may access, but not frequently. By virtue of being dynamic it is practically impossible to successfully stored in the cache memory. Here the Application Delivery Network or AND comes into play. The user must request an edge server that resides in one of the POPs to access that data. This request passes through multiple security checks to assess the validity of the data and only then it is processed effectively through the ADN Gateway server and delivered to the user.

Safety: All the clients are guaranteed that their content is safe and secure without being subject to content hacking, piracy or theft, hotlinking, etc. Using the safety feature, the client can easily restrict the use of content by applying filters country-wise, date-wise, title-wise, etc. as well as build their own custom delivery rules. JodiHost provides fully encrypted data with all the necessary security checks in place such as single hostname, authenticated HTTPS, SAN, Extended Validation and so on.

Diagnostics: Every client has access to information related to demographics, user access, server performance, etc. that enables them to not waste time on dealing with transactional issues. All relevant and required information is updated real time without any time lags. The analytics team ensures that all errors and issues are resolved as soon as they are received.

Streaming: Video and live streaming has become an integral part of every business. More interactive a website better is the traffic. To ensure that the traffic sustains, there are multiple streaming platforms that are provided by JodiHost to ensure that the highest quality video and live footage is streamed flawlessly through the nearest POP of that particular region. This ensures a win-win situation for both the client and their customer.

Storage: The client can transfer the files to CDN storage through rsync, SFTP and FTP, allowing a secured place to store all static and dynamic content seamlessly. They can control and manage content anywhere from the world. This allows the end user to access content at lightning speed, from the server that is connected the closest to him.

Advantages of CDN

We have all seen how Content Delivery Network makes everything so easy and quicker to reach the final audience. But, let us touch base with some fine advantages of CDN as well.

  • It improves speed and avoids latency issues.
  • Capable of handling high traffic loads or large websites with high footfalls. Classic example being ecommerce websites that receive high traffic every minute.
  • Blocks spammers, bad bots, etc. that can hack your website.
  • Limit the coverage without incurring any further overhead costs.
  • Decrease bandwidth consumption drastically that helps in improving the overall efficiency of the website.
  • Load balance between servers to ensure that the server closest to you in capable of handling the extra load and bouncing off to a closer server to achieve speed and loading time.
  • Protects websites from DDoS attacks, which any website is prone to.
  • Ensure application security so that your data is not used or abused by third party or unwanted entities or hackers.


One should definitely invest in JodiHost services as a highly renowned CDN reseller to ensure that your website is safe and can reach millions of people at the same time. Avoid time lags and unwarranted delays that may turn out to be costly since audience means everything. If you are online, you are definitely connected through CDN to different websites and can access data from anywhere.


CDN ensures that all your data is safe and secure and can reach your targeted audience without any delays. Investing in JodiHost CDN services will give you access to a wide range of advantages that are beneficial to you as an organization and increase your online traffic and brand positioning. Effective Content Delivery Networks ensure that your website load and conten can be managed efficiently and increase your business scalability manifold at the click of a button

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