TechPatio Moved To VPS Hosting – For Five Minutes

logo_surftownI was selected as one ouf hundred beta-testers for my hosting provider’s, Surftown, new VPS service (Virtual Private Server). During the test phase they offer a “root VPS” and “application VPS”. I asked for application VPS as I’m only running WordPress.

After having spent some time uploading all my content, images, database etc, I finally made the move. Everything worked – except my pages/posts.

Turns out it’s a problem with pretty permalinks, since mod_rewrite is not enabled, resulting in all my pages showing a nasty 404 error.

Now I just have to figure out how to enable mod_rewrite in whatever system this VPS thingy is using. I think it’s called “Power Panel” by Parallels, might have something to do with Virtuozzo as well, I’m not sure. Didn’t work to add the lines to httpd.conf though.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know why I haven’t been posting anything new the past few days – I didn’t wanted to make too many changes to the site in case something got lost in the transfer.

Currently I have everything set up on the VPS though so I just changed DNS settings back to the old shared hosting plan I’m still on, to make sure TechPatio would stilll load while I try to enable mod_rewrite.

If you experience any downtime from my site, then I apologize – it shouldn’t be more than a few minutes, if I do my preperation correctly 🙂

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