Apple’s Tablet Delayed Till Late 2010

Axiotron ModBook - the closest thing to an Apple Tablet for now
Axiotron ModBook - the closest thing to an Apple Tablet for now

Rumors have launched the Apple “iTablet” several times already, but it never showed. Now Digitimes reveals that Apple delayed the tablet till late 2010 as they want to swap some of the components and launch a model with 9.7″ OLED screen from LG instead.

OLED screens are still very expensive but prices are expected to drop during next year. Sources estimate Apple’s cost on the tablet will be less than $1500 next year, but if it was to be released today, it would cost $1700 to make. They also expect the price for the tablet to land around $2000.

Sources of Digitimes mentions several version of the tablet will be launched, including one with 10.6″ regular LCD touch screen.

If the price is really going to end up at $2000, then it would have to be an amazing device for me to even consider getting one. And even then, I don’t think I would. I have one laptop and an iPhone and I do just great with that, I see no need for me where a tablet would be better, price taken into consideration.

Would you get one, if it was $2000? If not, what price would it have to be, for you to get one? Leave a comment below!

9 thoughts on “Apple’s Tablet Delayed Till Late 2010”

  1. Perhaps it is going to be named the Newton II? Just a thought 😉

    Maybe Apple can make the tablet market successful, but no one else has been able to crack the code yet. Mainstream tablets seem more like a solution looking for a problem.
    .-= Mike @ Computer Tech Tips´s last blog ..Gmail – 45 Timesaving Keyboard Shortcuts =-.

    • Newton II would indeed be interesting for “the rest of us”, but for the general mob, they get confused… “what happend with Newton I?” 😀

  2. Newton II…lol!
    Is it just me or does the Apple tablet prototype look like a giant iphone?
    I was hoping it would come out in spring 2010 so I could get one for my girlfriend. Maybe the Microsoft dual screen tablet will come out earlier, that one looks cool too. The only issue with that one is that it looks like it has some special OS instead of windows where on the Apple tablet you have a full powered mac with OS X.

    • I don’t think I’ve seen the prototype, but I have seen something that looked quite a lot like the iPhone (only bigger). If you happen to have a picture of the prototype (or is it just a rumor?), please post a link.

  3. I think because of the delay by Apple many people who where eagerly awaiting for the Apple Tablet would be very disappointed. When ever Apple comes out with a product it will be unique and very good………..
    .-= Sandesh´s last blog ..Watch TV on iPhone/iPod Touch using 3G/Wi-Fi =-.

    • It will certainly have to be a great product, considering how long time it has taken to appear (and it’s still not here). Or a netbook, for that matter.

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