Get Photo Flash For Your iPhone Using A Case

beamer_iphone_flash_caseOne of the things that iPhone-“haters” like to address is the missing ability to take pictures in dark, if you own an iPhone. Simply because there’s no flash or other kind of built-in light to assist with taking pictures when it’s dark. While I agree with those comments, that it sucks, there’s no need to rub it in, so no more comments like that, m’kay?

If you have a need for taking pictures in the dark, you can buy a Beamer case. It’s a new case not even released yet. Comes with a built-in light (not a Xenon flash, mind you) and a battery that will last for 10 hours of use.

The case has been developed by A community where users collaborate on creating new products, naming them etc. Once there’s 500 orders on the case, production will start. It costs $32 and at this time 82 people have pre-ordered one. Meaning, still 418 orders to go, before it will be produced.

More information and pre-ordering: Clicky here!

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