Snow Leopard 10.6.2: Missing Sound/Low Volume After Update?

mac_os_x_10_6_snow_leopardI just updated my MacBook Pro to the latest version of Snow Leopard, 10.6.2. After a restart I noticed that my volume was turned all the way up, for some weird reason – but I couldn’t hear anything. Nothing came out of my internal speakers at all. No sound!

First thing first, I turned to the Appl Discussion board to see if there was an easy solution for this, I didn’t wanted to bother restarting my computer and reset PRAM and all that stuff unless I had to.

Turns out, the 10.6.2 update some how changed my default audio output to something else than the built-in speakers. I have an application stored, can’t remember which, that enables me to grab system audio, so it adds two new devices as possible sound output devices, “Soundflower” 2 channel and 16 channel. The 10.6.2 update selected “Soundflower (2ch)” as default, that’s why I couldn’t hear anything.

A simple click on built-in speakers brought my sound back again … so before you go ahead and reset your settings, check out System Preferences first!

(Sorry, the screenshot is in Danish!)


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