What Secret Game Are Apple And Google Playing?

Eric Schmidt, Google U.S. Federal Trade Commission has already started to look at the complex relationship of Apple and Google.

Last week Google chief Eric E. Schmidt left Apple’s board of directors as both parties agreed that they actually compete in the mobile business with Android and iPhone. Yet, there is much talk in the corners and some people believe that Google deliberately failed to build multi-touch in Android at the request of Apple.

Now it also emerged that the two companies have an agreement not to recruit from each other’s employees, according to TechCrunch, who is in possession of an e-mail from Google.

Apple and Google remains tied together pretty well and part of Google’s technology is already built directly into Apple units, including extensive support for YouTube in everything from Apple TV to the iPhone.

Although Erik Schmidt has left Apple’s board, there is still Arthur Levinson, who sit on the board of both Apple and Google.

Schmidt also refrained from receiving the same salary and bonus as board of directors usually are entitled to, as he sat on Apple’s board. Schmidt worked almost free for Apple, I wonder why…?

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