Summary: Apple Q4 2009 Quarterly Financial Statement

apple_q4_2009_earnings_stockApple once again delivered a great quarterly result by breaking their own record, again.

The turnover for Q3 2009 was 9.87 billion dollars with a profit of 1.67 billion dollars. An increase in turnover of almost 2 billion dollars from 7.9 billion dollars compared to the same period last time. Profit increased by 410 million dollars.

Over half the turnover came from sales within the USA. Around 46% is from the International market, especially Mac sales are up, increased with 17% compared to last year.

iPod sales dropped by 8% to 10.2 million units while iPhone sales increased by 7% to 7.4 million phones.

The entire report can be read here: Apple Reports Fourth Quarter Results.


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