Retain Visitors To Your Site And Increase Sales Conversions: Exit Grabber Review

Exit Grabber pop-up: Text-based example.
Exit Grabber pop-up: Text-based example.

You want better sales conversions or membership registrations on your website, am I right? Because, after all, that’s what puts food on the table. And beer in the fridge. After having this software recommended by a good friend and Internet marketing guru, I suggested to one of my clients that they gave it a try.

Months later, the results are in.

Allow me to cut to the chase, while Exit Grabber claims to be able to boost sales by 327%, my client “only” saw an increase in membership registration of around 26% per month, compared to a usually very steady membership registration flow. To be honest, that’s not a bad increase at all, considering the price of Exit Grabber is only around 80 bucks. And if they didn’t have this software on their site, the users would  just have left the website, never to return again. And never become a paying member.

A pop-up that’s unblockable and not really a pop-up after all…

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Exit Grabber doesn’t. It’s so simple, yet complicated to achieve, if it wasn’t for the software provided by Exit Grabber. The script itself, once placed very easily on your website, will “know” when the visitor wants to leave the site. If he shuts down his browser with a keyboard shortcut, the script wont trigger. But if he tries to leave by clicking the “X”, or enter a new URL in the address bar or simply clicking the browsers “Back” button, the script will trigger and show to the visitor whatever you have decided to show. This can be text like a sales pitch, special offer, promotions, discounts and so on. Even an eye-catching image with attractive offers, membership benefits and so on. It’s all up to you.

Should the visitor decide to leave anyway, he just continues with his actions. The “pop-up” will not interfere and is in no way obtrusive, like the JavaScript pop-ups (“alert” or “confirm” messages), which you have to click OK or Cancel to. The JavaScript exit pop-ups are annoying and will likely make your visitors even less interested in your products or services.

Difficult to install? No way!

Exit Grabber is by no means difficult to install. Download the software, run it and go through the process. That’s about it, Exit Grabber will now start working to reduce the number of your visitors that exit your site quickly.

How do I get it?!

Easy peasy. Click on this link and I will earn a small commision on your purchase (and I get to have beer in my fridge, too!). Keep in mind, while the sales pitch at the Exit Grabber website make it sound like you’re about to buy a product that will do wonders for you, don’t be fooled. It is a great product and it will help you retain visitors to your site and give you a 2nd chance to convert them into members/customers, a 2nd chance you would never have gotten before. But your mileage may vary.

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