Apple might beat Nokia in future "mobile war"

Nokia 5800 vs iPhoneDespite advanced smartphones and being the largest phone manufacturer in the world, Nokia simply cannot cope with Apple when it comes to content and the use of software within the phones. That might cause serious problems for Nokia, when the “future mobile war” begins. The biggest advantage with the Apple iPhone is surely the App Store, with thousands of applications and games, applications often localized so they will provide better results in your own area.

It’s easy for the developers to code applications for the iPhone, compared to other phones. And it’s even easier for the users to locate, install and use, those applications, thanks to the App Store – which many other phone manufactures are now copying such as Nokia with their Ovi Store.

According to Bloomberg, Nokia has access to more than 4 million registered developers, but fail to promote the applications toward the users. Besides, it’s simply too cumbersome to find the applications, install them and in some cases, even to use them.

Bloomberg also estimates that Nokia will see their market share decline, as not only Apple seem to be strong when it comes to content, but also Palm, BlackBerry, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems are looking to get their share of the market.

Marco Argenti who’s in charge for Ovi Store, says that Nokia has a bright view for the future and is expecting a daily two digit percentage in increase of users and downloads on Ovi Store. Nokia expect to have 300 million active users in Ovi Store by 2012.

Personally, I’m looking to offload yet another Nokia Symbian S60 mobile (the 5800 XpressMusic). I always find the S60 mobiles interesting at first, but I quickly loose interest in them. I’ve been using an iPhone ever since the 1st generation (EDGE) came out, now using a 3G. And I’m the kinda guy who always upgrades to the newest and most advanced cellphone every 3 months… well, not any more, thanks to Apple!

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