My CommentLuv Plugin Is Broken

I just found out why I haven’t seen any “xxx’s latest blog post: bla bla bla”-texts at the end of all the comments here on techpatio for the past few days: My CommentLuv plugin is broken.

Unfortunately, at this time, I have no clue what is wrong with it. But at least now I know that it’s not working so I guess it’s just a matter of trial and error until I figure out what caused it to stop working.

If you have had any experience with CommentLuv stopped working, please leave a comment with any suggestions you might have, that could help me speed up the fixing process.

I’ll be sure to update you when it’s working again so you can open the comment flood gates once again 🙂  I just don’t know yet, when I will have time to look into it 🙁

Sad Panda

8 thoughts on “My CommentLuv Plugin Is Broken”

  1. I dont have any problems with it. Maybe you can state more about the problem.

    Anyhow, try deleting the plugin from your server and then install a new one, reconfigure… Let me know what happen

    • If it worked for you, then you would have had a link to your last blog post at the end of your comment, and you don’t 🙂

  2. I can see the problem of this broken Comment love plug-in on many blogs. You are not alone. I just hope the developers finds some solution fast.

  3. Hi,

    It is working fine on my blog and others also but not on your blog. You should check the settings in admin panel.

    I think there can be some settings which are necessary for this. Or you can click on Reset button there.


  4. Did it stop working when you figured out the cool “Notify me…of all future followup…” and “Notify me…replies directly…?” Several times in the few months I’ve had my blog, one plugin will break another. Good luck! (or rather, it’s we readers who need the luck, eh, since our last post won’t show).

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