How to make the perfect Cappuccino, or: How I learned to stop worrying and making my own cappuccino

Apple logo foamHave you ever wondered how the restaurants made your cappuccino? Because I have, so I decided to go out and buy some rather cheap espresso machine with a steam wand, just to try it out myself. I like coffee and cappuccino, but I prefer to enjoy when I’m out, so when I’m at home, I mostly drink sometimes in the mornings or in the evenings if I feel like making one.

Here’s how I make a cappuccino, as good as possible, with the equipment I have to my disposal:

1: If possible, use a metal pitcher. Make sure to chill it first, this will better the foam.

2: Fill metal pitcher with “half a mug” of fresh whole milk, that hasn’t been steamed before. For my cappuccinos, I use 2 espresso shots, which equals pretty much 1 coffee cup. I’ll be using the same amount of milk, as the 2 espresso shots – and then pour it together in a mug afterwards.

3: Ideally you should use a thermometer in the metal pitcher, to get the temperature right, but you could get lucky and almost hit the correct temperature, without the thermometer, but it’s somewhat a shot in the dark. Now the important part; Insert the steam wand just below the surface of the milk, at a diagonal angle. You should try to get most of the milk froth and steam to 65 degrees celsius (150 fahrenheit).  Afterwards you can put the milk in the fridge for just half a minute or so, just to make the foam set better.

4: Fill the approriate amount of espresso coffee into your espresso machine and start cooking those shots!

5: Pour your shot(s) into your coffee mug.

6: Time to pour the steamed milk. Hold back the froth with a spoon, unless you’re really good!! Scoop over the remaining froth with the spoon, into the mug. Add sugar/sweetener if you prefer.

That’s it – sounds easy, right? Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “How to make the perfect Cappuccino, or: How I learned to stop worrying and making my own cappuccino”

  1. Its nice to make something for yourself. Coffee, cappuccino, know for sure its done with a labor of love. Who knows what you may have in commercialized food, how do you know its clean?

  2. I’m infinitely grateful for being able to watch professionals do their craft. I own a small coffee shop in one of the labour districts in Russia. While I don’t have this kind of equipment or coffee beans with brewing prescription and my coffee supplier laughs at me using scales, Im not limited to expand my skill and knowledge to make my coffee better. 15 years ago I could only dream of being able to watch and learn from someone who is a world champion in the same sphere as I am engaged in myself. This morning I watched this, analyzed what I was doing differently and made adjustments. It’s free, took me around 30 mins overall. This is just beautiful to have this kind of possibility.


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