Real-time GPS Tracking System [Sponsored Post]

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victoria_real_time_gps_tracking_systemGPS stands for Global Positioning System and is a global navigation system based on satellites. It uses satellites to provide reliable position and timing services to users on a worldwide basis, throughout the entire day, no matter the weather.

GPS has come a long way since Bill Clinton in 1996 recognized the importance of GPS not only to military but also to civilian users as well. In 2000, “Selective Availability” was discontinued as a result of this and so GPS became much more accurate for civilian users. Up until then, civilian users could expect errors of up to 100 meters. This was a feature added so that an enemy could not use the GPS system for precision weapon guidance. “Selective Availability” (SA) is still available, though currently disabled.

With “Selective Availability” gone, GPS became even more useful for civilians and today you can find an advanced tracking system such as the Victoria Tracking System from LandAirSea.

The Victoria GPS Tracking system leaves a bread crumb, so to speak, every few seconds, while it’s activated. Meaning, it logs the position and reports back to the central – a computer, which you have access to. The unit itself is about the size of a deck of cards and can be installed in cars, for instance. Giving the owner the ability to always know where the car is and the direction it’s heading. It runs on li-ion batteries, rechargeable of course, and lasts for up to 10 hours or 100 hours with an extended battery pack.

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