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servers_rackI’m sure, by now, all my loyal readers will have read that I recently moved to a VPS hosting platform and you might (hopefully) also have noticed that the site loads even faster now than it did before – as well as less downtime. I had a little bit of downtime today though, but that’s to be expected since my current VPS hosting platform is in so called “beta testing”, so I’m helping them out.

What Is…. VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Instead of renting a dedicated server only for your site, which costs a lot of money – but would also give you top of the line when it comes to performance – you can get something less, but still way better than the ordinary cheap shared hosting plans with hundred of websites hosted. VPS is like splitting up a dedicated server into smaller portions where each customer gets their own part of the server, so you have a certain amount of guaranteed disk space, memory and CPU cycles available.

For instance, the VPS host I recently moved to (in the beta testing), initially had 128MB of memory available to my account. That just wasn’t enough. Once WordPress was installed and with the plugins I’m using, I was up to around that limit. Imagine what will happen when people starts visiting the site – the memory will be capped and performance suffer. Luckily I was able to get it doubled so I now have 256MB available, currently I’m using around 135MB of memory, that’s 53% of what I have available.

When it comes to disk space, I currently have 5 GB available and I’m using 600MB, plenty of space left. There’s another thing too, called disk inodes. Here I have 200,000 available and I’m using 25,000. Also plenty of disk inodes available.

If you’re looking to move your blog or website to VPS hosting, you can check out this best VPS web hosting page for further information and recommendation.

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  2. VPS hosting sounds wonderful – but it still costs a lot, right? Or at least it costs a lot for those of us who are not yet raking in big bucks from our blogs. 🙂
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  5. Klaus, do you think there would be much benefit for a small business site like mine to move to VPS? I don’t have anywhere near the disk usage but I thought maybe having VPS might be good for checkout speeds and may also have some SEO value in Google’s eyes (ie. faster loading and less-used IP range).

    • I doubt it will do you much good SEO wise. I’ve never heard Google giving a lower ranking because a lot of websites where hosted on the same IP address as well.

      Your site loads pretty quick from my end – and believe me, Internet speeds in Malta is not something worth mentioning 🙂 And I haven’t checked by I assume your site is hosted in the US as well (even longer away from me).

      I didn’t find a sitemap.xml file in your root though, did you place it somewhere else? I know you have the sitemap.php file, but it’s better if you have a dedicated sitemap.xml file for Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. – and of course make sure you submit it to them (Google Webmaster Tools for Google, if you haven’t an account already).

  6. Well thank you for this post. I think you have write nice on sponsored post.
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