Puppies On A Roll – A Toilet Paper Review. Seriously!

So, there I was, minding my own business down at the grocery store on my way home from work. I just had to pick up a few items when I spotted this pack of toilet paper from Andrex. I needed toilet paper and I’m always trying to find the ones that are as soft as possible, but the products/brands change a lot in this grocery store, so you’ll never know what product is available next time you need.

But this one was too good to pass up: “Puppies on a roll”, it said on the pack. I just had to get one of those puppies!


It was €3 for a pack with 4 rolls, that’s US $4.20.  I know just about too little about toilet paper to have any clue whether or not that’s a good price. Any ideas?

Andrex – be kind to your behind!

It’s really soft and strong and these rolls have puppies all over them


They’re not kidding. They actually do have puppies all over them. Some how I’m not really into the idea of being kind to my behind with puppies. It just feels wrong. I was finally getting used to that other brand with sheeps all over them and now they start using puppies. I wonder what we’ll see next?

How about some $1 dollar bills for toilet paper? I doubt their effectiveness – and how nice to your behind, they really are.


What’s a review without a verdict…


I think Andrex’ Puppies On A Roll is a good product, it’s soft – but not as soft as it should be. Strong, but not as strong as it could be. I have no clue about price, so can’t say if it’s cheap or expensive. I’m going to rate them in at 3 out of 5 apples. If they remove the puppies I’d give them 4 out of 5 apples. The puppies just raise the bar too much and I don’t think this product lives fully up to that.

Rating: Rating: 3 out of 5 Apples

I can’t believe I just did a review on toilet paper. What has the world come to! At least tomorrow is Friday Flick Find and I have a geeky video for ya’ll.

Now the only thing left to do, is ask the big question – which way do you hang the toilet paper, A or B? Post your answer in the comments below!


9 thoughts on “Puppies On A Roll – A Toilet Paper Review. Seriously!”

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  2. Can’t belive you did a review on tolit paper either, but my wife swears by A, or I get yelled out. She buys in bulk no clue how much but seem price, I think we get 12 or 24 pack of good qualty name brand pt for 8-12 dollars here in the states.

  3. A toilet paper review, now I wasn’t expecting this, but it has got me thinking about the A-B debate, I would say A, don’t know why, it’s just the way the roll has always been hung 😉
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  4. Hmm, so far it’s 2 votes for “A”. Blazing Minds and the wife of Jared.

    I don’t see why “A” should be better than “B”. I always use “B”, it’s much easier to grab it then.

    Imagine this: You’re sitting on the toilet (surprise!) and you need to reach out for a piece of paper, but to your horror you realise that it’s hangs to the “A” side and it’s too far away to be reached safely. You stretch out as much as possible but eventually you fall and you end up with the head down into the toilet floor, knocking out your front teeth.

    Now, had the toilet paper only been hung with the “B” side, you could easily and safely have reached the toilet paper and your teeth would still be in place.

    (Disclaimer: Hypothetical situation. I hope none of you will ever experience it – so hang it “B”-side next time, m’kay? 🙂 )

  5. Hmmm…I think I would have said B right off the top of my head. Next time I’m at the home of someone who really knows decorating and such, I will go check out their bathroom!
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  6. I really wasn’t expecting to come through tech Patio and comment on Toilet Paper with puppies on it BUTT hey why not. Haha, nice review. The wife handles toilet paper buying duties.
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  7. Hey Klaus,

    What a very detailed review! I like it!! 🙂 Well done on providing such useful information, especially after your own experience. That is always diamond, or was it gold. heehee.

    Have been eagerly trying to comment on this post, since the 27th August. It does sound like I love toilet paper there, doesn’t it! 🙂 (Your site really brings out my imagination)

    We have that exact toilet paper. I think we use it just about every time. You know I have never even noticed how soft toilet paper was. I always tend to remember the brittle one, always a different experience there. 🙂

    I wonder if this paper, is really as soft as a cuddly pup? I know your not on the idea of wiping your behind with pups, but just a thought. I wonder whether they actually tested it? With a real pup and all. Now, that would be an image, with the real pup in the picture (trying to imagine it, not quite working there) would meet this toilet papers mission statement.

    The toilet paper is usually hang any way. Though I think now, it’s mostly on B half the time. I did try it on A before, to see whether proximity mattered. It only mattered if the toilet roll hanger was close. If it was far, still (like you say) reached out for it. So yeah, B.

    This would make a good poll. Wait, it already is!

    Now, this is definetly fun. 😀
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    • Ana, as mentioned in another thread, I’m sorry you couldn’t get in to comment. There was 7-8 hours of downtime earlier today (stupid plugin, I guess) – and then I’m not sure about the other error you’ve been experiencing. Hopefully it’s solved soon.

      About the toilet paper, I wonder what made them pick sheeps and puppies to determine how soft they are (even though they are not that soft at all, but still). Besides, not all puppies are soft 🙂

      Oh well, too bad I didn’t have a plugin or something to really make a “click here to vote”-kinda poll, maybe I will have at a later time. I’m sure I will find some interesting paper towels later on. Oh wait, I already have… mine has WALL-E on them 😀


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