Facebook Looking To Replace Twitter Tweets?

facebook-logoHave you heard about the Facebook “Everyone button” yet? I haven’t, so I was a bit surprised to read today that Facebook launched a beta of the new Publisher with the “Everyone button” for certain users.

Basically it lets you post your status updates for the whole world to see, not only your friends, just like Twitter but without the 140 characters limit. In addition to that, it also lets you add content such as photos and videos on your home page and profile. Every single piece of content can be shared according to your likings; everyone, friends and networks.

The power of Twitter, the way I see it, is that you have to restrict your posts (tweets) to only 140 characters, making it easy and fast for followers to read as many updates as possible as fast as possible. Plus, you can follow anybody you like, unless they protect their updates of course. At Facebook, it’s frowned upon if you start requesting friendship with everybody. When Facebook makes the new “everyone button” available to everyone, I wonder if Twitter will loose some of its momentum? FriendFeed is looking better and better to me, as it allows you to post your content to multiple places at once, e.g. FriendFeed, Twitter and Facebook. Just what I need.

It’s so typical that Facebook starts rolling out the very same feature, that made me start using Twitter in the first place, less than 2 weeks after I created my Twitter account!

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