iPhone 3GS almost three times faster than iPhone 3G

Do you have the new iPhone 3GS yet? If not, here’s another reason as to why you need to get one…

AppleInsider reports that Apple (finally) undersells, as the iPhone 3GS is almost three times faster than the iPhone 3G, and not only twice as fast.

In controlled JavaScript Web site renders, the iPhone 3GS is nearly three times as fast as the iPhone 3G and Palm Pre, and 5.5 times faster than the T-Mobile G1, according to a new study, which also reveals that the iPhone 3.0 software alone has a dramatic impact on the speed in which an iPhone 3G renders websites.

What’s interesting to note is that an iPhone 3G with OS 2.2.1 would take 132.3 seconds to complete the test, that’s 96x slower as the Core2Duo MacBook, while an iPhone 3G with the new OS 3.0 software, does it in just 48.7 seconds, 36x slower.

This is yet another reason why I’m soooo going to replace my 3G with the 3GS, as soon as it becomes available in Malta. But more on that later.

Head on over to AppleInsider for more information about the speed test!

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