How to get Twitter followers that matters

twitter_logo“Oh no, not another one of those get-thousands-of-followers-scams”, you think? You’re in luck, because it’s not. I hate those and they don’t add anything of value to your Twitter experience (so I’ve heard, but it makes sense to me).

In 10 days of being a Twitter user, I have 43 followers – of which, I only know 2 of them personally. So what about the other 41 followers? Well, I was stunned to see people follow me, even after having made only one or two tweets in total (about nothing even worth mentioning).

After a while, I learned that if I made a tweet about “poker”, shortly after I would receive one or two followers that have also tweeted about poker in the past. And if that’s not the case, then people are usually just following you, hoping that you will follow them back. I don’t mind following back, as long as I find their previous tweets interesting – that’s really what matters to me. But if I see somebody following me, that has more followers than he is following himself, then I tend to think here’s a guy that doesn’t just follow me hoping I will follow back, he actually has more followers than he’s following. There’s a catch though – in theory, he could have just unfollowed say 1,000 users recently, bringing his following down to 8,500 while he himself is being followed by 9,000. I’m not sure whether or not there’s a tool to “batch unfollow”, otherwise this process seems a bit “too much” just to get some followers…

So this is my plan as of yesterday: Each day, I will search for some keywords that I care about, such as “apple”, “iphone”, “poker” etc. I will try to find at least 2 twitter users a day which I find interesting (by reading some of their older tweets), and then follow them. Hopefully they will find my, similar tweets, to be interesting as well, and follow me back. And sooner or later, we’ll have one of those fancy new “social media network conversations” going on. Groovy.

It’s a slow process, but I think it will work – and better yet, you will expand your online social network to include people who shares your interest, not just because they are one of those “I follow you if you follow me”-people.

If you do happen to receive alot of followers you don’t know what to do about, feel free to follow them if you find them interesting. After a while, you can use a service such as FriendOrFollow to see which of those you follow, are no longer following you back.

Happy tweeting – and feel free to follow me, I’ll follow you back, if we share some of the same interests 🙂

By the way, here’s a bunch of links which I highly recommend, if you’re serious about increasing your Twitter followers:

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