Symantec: Denmark Most Spammed Country

SPAM cansA new report from Symantec/MessageLabs reveals that 95.6% of all e-mails sent to a Danish recipient, is spam. In the US it increased to 91.8%, Canada to 91.2% and 91.7% in the UK. The global average for Q3 2009 was 88.1% compared with 81% for Q3 2008.

There’s many seasonal spam mails nowadays, taking advantage of Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween etc. MessageLabs predicts that most Christmas spam mails this year, will contain offers with cheap fake watches, which in October accounted for 2% of all spam.

MessageLabs also noticed that phishing attempts are increased during tax collection in United Kingdom and Australia.

Phishing has decreased since last year though, but on the contrary, they now also arrives in local languages instead of only english.

Virus-wise, China holds the record as they increased with 0.77% to 1 out of every 80.7 e-mail containing a virus. In Denmark, 1 out of 209.4 e-mails comes with a virus.

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