Adobe Preparing a Lawsuit Against Apple? Screw You, Adobe!

Tom’s Hardware is writing in an article today that Adobe might be gearing up to a lawsuit against Apple because of the whole Flash deal, more or less. While nothing is official yet, sources are citing that it could all happen within a few weeks.

Earlier in the “iPhone vs Flash”-war, Adobe announced how their new Flash CS5 software would be able to compile Flash into iPhone-compatible code so developers could take stand-alone Flash applications into the Apple App Store, instead of running Flash through iPhone’s Safari browser, where Flash is not supported (and probably never will be).

When iPhone OS 4.0 was announced last week, the iPhone SDK license agreement was also updated so that developers may now only use Apple’s certified tools, making Flash CS5 compiled software a no-go on the iPhone, more or less.

Steve Jobs doesn’t care much about Flash, saying a few months ago that he believes Flash is “old technology” and Apple doesn’t spend a whole lot of time on old technology, plus Flash is the main reason for crashes on Mac’s.

I’m not surprised that Adobe is getting pissed. Adobe wants to play ball with Apple on this and bring Flash to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touches, but Apple doesn’t seem interested. Understandable, Apple knows that if they let Flash in, many applications will be able to run in the browser, including non-approved apps in the App Store, depending on what kind of services they need to use within the iPhone. After all, Apple has a pretty good deal going on with their App Store at the moment.

And why is Apple so protective of what their iPhone OS can run? Well, it’s much less about hardware these days than it is about software and especially content. Apple might be able to kill Flash in the long run, maybe even sooner than we think. The major sites such as YouTube, New York Times etc., wants to be on the iPad and iPhone – not left out in the dark because their ads and videos run Flash. So, they start moving towards HTML5 and/or Google’s VP8 format, instead of Flash.

I don’t care how well Flash might run on Windows computers, but when the fans in my MacBook Pro goes nuts when playing a HD movie from YouTube in full screen because it’s based on Flash, then it’s game over.

Steve, you have my vote – let’s get rid of Flash once and for all.

Adobe, go screw yourself – but please keep on releasing all your other amazing applications, Photoshop CS5 with Content Aware Fill rocks!

9 thoughts on “Adobe Preparing a Lawsuit Against Apple? Screw You, Adobe!”

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  5. I’m with Apple in this one. It’s their hardware and they can run whatever software they like on it, especially if it helps the control content.

    In the long run it will depend more on what users want than these two guys and that may sway the judges or even Apple.
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  6. that’s great post..i agree with sire…i’m with apple
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  7. I Understand where Sire is coming from but I think it would be a mistake for apple to ignore flash. It is too widespread to not allow it to run on a mac.
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    • Hi Ned. Apple DOES allow Flash to run on the Mac – like it has always done. It’s only on the iPhone OS that Apple doesn’t want it and I’m glad, cause we need to get better options than that battery-draining flash 🙂 More on that, here:

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