iPhone 4G To Be Announced June 22nd? And 8MP Camera Next Year?

Just as I was starting to think Steve Jobs wasn’t going to let me buy a new iPhone this year, it has now come to light that Apple booked the same conference center in San Francisco for June 22nd, as they used to announce the previous three versions of iPhone.

The media seems to think that Apple will show us a new iPhone on this date – but when it will actually be available for purchase, nobody knows yet. I’m hoping June 23rd 🙂

On another note, an analyst believes that Apple picked Sony as supplier for a 8 megapixel camera to go with next year’s version of iPhone (not the one to – hopefully – be announced this Summer). The analyst’s name is Ashok Kumar from Rodman Renshaw, who also predicted Google’s arrival on the cellphone market, with Nexus One.

The current iPhone 3GS camera comes from OmniVision who is also expected to supply 5 megapixel cameras for the iPhone we’ll see later this year.

Just remember folks, more megapixels does not equal better pictures!

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  1. Yes!! I am soooo excited for the new iPhone. I was worried that I would be stuck with my old one but now I know I can finally get a new one and the best one yet. Great post!! Thanks for relieving me! 🙂


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