Apple to hold “Back to the Mac” event October 20th – new Mac’s? OS X 10.7 ‘Lion’?

Apple will hold a special media event on Wednesday (the 20th) called “Back to the Mac”.

The media seems to believe the event will mainly focus on MacBook Air, iLife and iWork and Mac OS X 10.7.

MacBook Air

According to the rumors, a new MacBook Air will feature a 11.6″ display and being more aggressively priced for students and business travelers. It should also be even lighter and slimmer than the current MacBook Air. Interesting! Few rumors are circulating that it could weigh as little as 2.7 pounds due to a new carbon fiber unibody construction. I doubt it – but it would be cool.

iLife and iWork

The last update for iLife and iWork came in January 2009 so now seems a good time to release new versions of iLife and iWork. It is expected that iLife will be 64 bit and include a completely rewritten version of iWeb and will no longer include iDVD.

Mac OS X 10.7

Personally, I’m looking mostly forward to Mac OS X 10.7. A copy (see picture above) of Apple’s official invitation for the media event has been obtained by Engadget – it shows a lion behind the Apple logo. Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard which we have today – so I guess it’s possible that Lion would be the next big cat to feature in a Mac OS X release.

5 thoughts on “Apple to hold “Back to the Mac” event October 20th – new Mac’s? OS X 10.7 ‘Lion’?”

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  2. My niece is a big Apple Mac fan as she is doing graphic design at college so will have to pass on info to her. She also does all my graphics for my blog so I love them too.
    thanks for info and keeping us up to date with the latest gizmos you techies see as “must haves”.
    Patricia Perth Australia


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