What Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Think Of Each Other

Steve Jobs & Bill Gates at 'D5: All Things Digital'

Bill Gates was impressed by the iPhone when Apple first announced it but he’s not quite as impressed by the iPad. When asked, he said it’s not like he thought “Oh my God, Microsoft didn’t aim high enough”. He thinks the iPad is a nice reader, but nothing he looks at and wished Microsoft would have made. Instead, Bill Gates believe that netbooks are the future.

But what does Bill Gates and Steve Jobs really think of each other and ‘their’ companies?

Here are some of the quotes that Telegraph digged up from the archives:

Bill Gates:

“To create a new standard, it takes something that’s not just a little bit different; it takes something that’s really new, and really captures people’s imagination. And the Macintosh – of all the machines I’ve seen – is the only one that meets that standard.” (1984)

“There are very things that are on the banned list in our household, but iPods and iPhones are two things we don’t get for our kids.” (Melinda Gates, wife of Bill Gates, 2009)

Steve Jobs:

“I guess I am saddened, not by Microsoft’s success – I have no problem with their success, they’ve earned their success for the most part. I have a problem with the fact that they just make really third rate products.” (1996)

“Our friends up north [Microsoft] spend over $5bn on research and development, and all they seem to do is copy Google and Apple.” (2006)

For more Bill Gates & Steve Jobs quotes, check out the Telegraph article: Apple v Microsoft: What Steve Jobs and Bill Gates really think of each other.

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  2. So it seems like Steve doesn’t really like Microsoft!
    .-= Tom | Build That List´s last blog ..Do Your Dreams Pass The ‘Wet Manure’ Test? =-.

  3. I don’t think much of them but I owuld be interested if someone would tell me on hwat tehy think about my site.
    .-= Palabuzz´s last blog ..Charice Pempengco Pyramid Remix =-.

    • Try to send them both an e-mail and see which one reviews your site first 🙂
      .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..Friday Flick Find: Classic Video – Angry Man Hits Computer =-.

    • I don’t know, I can see what you mean, but then again – Steve Jobs and Bill Gates started pretty much at the same time. Without either of them, I don’t think we would be where we are today.

  4. Haha. I like how jobs think about microsoft. Lately, google and apple control the world. They define standard of the new world. I like that.
    .-= James ´s last blog ..VIZIO VF550M 55-Inch Full HD 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV Review =-.

    • Yep, almost 🙂 Thanks for commenting, James.
      .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..Friday Flick Find: Classic Video – Angry Man Hits Computer =-.

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  6. Looks like Steve isn’t as “nice” as Gates thats for sure.
    .-= Extreme John´s last blog ..A Day in the Life of.. Episode 2 [video] =-.

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