iOS surpasses Linux as browsing platform – also on TechPatio

Apple’s operating system for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad known as iOS, is now the third-most popular platform on the Internet, Computerworld reports.

The three above-mentioned devices accounts for 1.1% of all hardware on the Internet during August, more than the 0.85% by Linux and only 0.2% by Android devices. Yes I know we’re mixing mobile devices and (usually) computer operating systems here, but it’s interesting that iOS does more surfing than Linux does, I think.

Here on for the past three months, iOS devices account for 5% of all visits and Linux for 1.83% – not really surprising when you look at the topics we write about (almost never anything Linux-related).

Interestingly, also on TechPatio, Windows is up to 68% and Mac only 23% but I think that’s mostly due to Caroline Wozniacki’s breasts, which I’m getting a ton of traffic for lately because of the success that Wozniacki is having in the United States at the moment and according to Google Analytics, 86% of my Wozniacki fans are on Windows so that might skew the total statistics a little bit.

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