ebuzzing – one of the best ways for bloggers to monetize!

I’ve been a member of the ebuzzing community for over half a year now and when they approached me yesterday asking me to write a little about ebuzzing and a brand I’d like to see on the ebuzzing platform, well, how could I refuse?So, ebuzzing.co.uk is part of the Wikio group which is probably most known for their Wikio shopping (price comparison) service. What ebuzzing does, is to bring bloggers and brands together in a way that benefits both parties. ebuzzing will offer campaigns to you, give some requirements as well as supply links and images, but leave the rest up to you – you write an article about the campaign, the way you want.

ebuzzing will not allow articles that’s not your own words and your own opinion. Just because you’re being paid to write about something, doesn’t mean you have to highlight only the positive sides. You are encouraged to write your honest opinion. You are also required to include a “sponsored post” link at the bottom of your article, for full disclosure reasons.

Finally, ebuzzing asked me what brand I would like to see on the ebuzzing platform. Considering that some of the existing brands are big brands, such as Lloyds, TSB, PayPal, Levis, FHM, etc., my suggestion is going to be Sony.

Sony, as you might know, makes a wide variety of products. They have PlayStation and games for gaming blogs to be interested in. TV’s, DVD’s etc. for home entertainment specialized blogs. Laptops, iPhone speakers and such for various technology blogs. Even if it’s not always possible for the blogs to actually review a physical Sony product, I’m sure there are other ways that Sony would very much be interested in getting their products mentioned across the blogosphere.

Now I’d like to invite you to find out more on ebuzzing.co.uk or register with ebuzzing now. You can register as a blog owner or information website, as a forum (moderator/administrator) or a Buzz Ambassador which is a person who’s actively involved in online communities.

Enjoy your ebuzzing experience!

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9 thoughts on “ebuzzing – one of the best ways for bloggers to monetize!”

  1. First and foremost, I like that you choose SONY as an additional brand to their platform. Sony, like what you said, do create and offers so many gadgets and new technologies and for sure, members of the ebuzzing community will be happy to check and review each and every SONY products.

    • You’ll be told to write about something and they’ll pay you to do it once your article has been approved. Simple as that.

  2. This sounds like a really great way to make some money while getting some honest reviews on products as well. Is this the only site doing something like this or are there other sites like this but, they are just not as good?

    • You’re not forced to accept the offers. Sometimes there’s no available campaigns, other times you can get offered a bunch a month.

  3. I’ve done very well out of my relationship with Ebuzzing over the last few months – I’ve written articles that have paid in excess of $60 or so US per piece, which far, far outstrips any of the competition.

    That being the case, of course they only want their articles to appear on the highest quality websites and blogs that represent good value for money, so if you have a record of getting consistent high-quality traffic to your site and have very good writing ability then there’s a good chance that they’ll accept you into the programme.

    The other thing to note is that the popular article ideas get snapped up very quickly so it’s worth checking in regularly to see what’s available – I’ve found before now that between getting the “you qualify to write an article for this subject” email and logging into the site the opportunity has gone because they got the requisite number of people signed up to write a piece before I got there!

    If you think that you fit the criteria I see no harm in completing the application to join the ebuzzing programme – the worst they can do is say no, and if they say yes you may be able to do very well out of it…


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